It is more economical to give yourself a pedicure at home, with the help of a pumice stone. Find out more about how to use a pumice stone.

How To Use A Pumice Stone

With many of us women finding it either too expensive or alarmingly time consuming to go to the beauty parlor or salon to get a pedicure, getting a pedicure at home becomes the best option, and also more economical. In fact, most of the things, they use at the salon are easily available on any cosmetic store, especially a pumice stone. A pumice stone is an integral part of any exfoliating method; actually, it is an interesting product that is used not only on feet but also on hands. It is used not only for exfoliating but also for effectively reducing calluses and corns from the feet. It could be interesting to note also that the pumice, associated with wellness and beauty, is formed when super heated lava is pushed out at very high pressure from a volcano. Its low density, caused by all the pores in it, is often demonstrated by placing it on top of a hundred-rupee note; the rupee note does not bend! Many of us, however, do not know how to use it on our feet, for instance, to heal cracks on the heels. An awful lot of us, end up hurting ourselves while getting a pedicure at home. It is thus important to know how to use the pumice effectively. Read on to know more about the use of pumice stone.
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Tips For Using A Pumice Stone 

Buy Right

When buying a pumice stone, do not go for those ones, found on small departmental stores, which look like they are meant more for your maid to use on clothes rather than for you to use on your body. Buy from good, reputed departmental stores, from the beauty and cosmetic section only. They are usually the ones that are used by beauticians on their clients. 

Soft And Smooth
To begin with, you have to soften the skin of the soles of your feet. If you have to be barefoot for long hours or wear sandals for long, the soles of your feet must have turned hard. Add your favourite mild soap, body wash or bath gel, to a tub of warm water and soak your feet in it for about five to ten minutes, or till the skin on your heels, has become sufficiently soft. 

Dip the pumice stone in the soapy water. Rub it on your feet – the soles, the calluses, the corns and any area that needs attention on the affected area in gentle back-and-forth motion. When using it on your legs, be all the more gentle and use slow circular movements. 

Rinse Away Death
Dip your feet in the water and wash away the dead skin. Repeat the process until the new skin is revealed. 

Cleaning a pumice stone periodically is very important for hygiene. Swish it in soapy water and then keep it under running water. Every now and then, clean it with a stiff brush laced with soap, rinsing it with lots of water, later. Store it in an airy place where it will dry easily.

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