Today eyeglasses are not just for vision repair, they have become a fashion accessory. Read on to know how to choose eyeglasses for men.

How To Choose Eyeglasses For Men

In the old classic novels, you must have stumbled across the pages where the master of the house is in his library, with an uninspiring eye frame on his nose, and he is doing the finances or reading a book. In yesteryears, the boring the frame, the more intellectual a person looked as eyeglasses were used only for reading purpose. However, today the scene has changed. Today an eyeglass is not only used for reading purpose but is also a style statement. No matter whether you are a busy executive, or a new dad, a writer, a collegiate or a retired senior, or you are one or more of these, there is an eyeglass for you. There are eyeglasses to suit the occasions and to stress your personality traits or even to portray an image. So if you want to appear conservative, fashion-monger, witty, fun-loving, sophisticated, serious or youthful, all you need to do is to choose a suitable eyeglass and it will help you say whatever you want, about you. In addition, there are different eyeglasses for different purposes, as today the spectacles are not just used for vision repair but also act as an fashion accessory. And it doesn’t hurt to look a little bit trendy while getting the vision repaired especially for men as they don’t have much accessories anyway. So whether you want to have the classic style, the coke-bottle style or the trendy look, or anything else, you can find your meets. Read on to know how to choose eyeglass for men.
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Tips For Choosing Eyeglasses For Men 
  • The most important thing while you are choosing eyeglass for yourself is to know which image you want to portray and which look you want to have. Whether it is nerdy, sleek or retro frame, or you want frames with eye-catching colors, you must have a clear idea before heading for shopping.
  • Also if you are planning to take only one frame, make sure that it is hardy and have some backbone otherwise you may have to buy again. Whatever glasses you buy should at least last for a year. The best choices for frames would be titanium and stainless steel.
  • Determine a budget, a good frame with high-index lenses, muiltifocal lenses, lens coatings etc can cost much and needs a budgeting. However, never in any case settle for cheaper quality of lenses.
  • Also, whatever frame you buy should fit properly. You can check the fitting by wearing it. If the frame grinds into your temples and gives you headache after wearing for few minutes, then the glass probably does not suit you. In addition, the frame should not slip from the bridge of your nose and should sit high on the nose bridge. 
  • You can also shop for eyeglasses depending on your face size. If you have a round face then the best frame type for you would be angular frame. Get a bold rectangular frame with large lenses.
  • The color of the eyeglass frame should compliment your skin tone and hair color. Opt for the colors, which give a “warming” effect to your skin and avoid colors that are too contrasting for your skin tone.
  • If you have a round face but a square jaw, you need to go for oval shaped glasses. However, don’t go for very narrow frames as it may give you a childish look.
  • If you are a person with tall head and flat chin, thin and wide rectangular frame would be best option for you as wide glasses would balance your features.
  • People with heart shaped face would look good in oval shaped glasses. The softer the frames, the better balancing it would be for your face.
  • If you are a person with diamond face, then you should go for wide wire frames.
  • People with oval face can go with any kind of frames. However, for large faces, always opt for large frames and for smaller faces go for small frames.
  • People with large nose should go for heavy dark frames. If you have dark circles and wrinkles, you could go for heavy substantial frames.

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