With the right kind of stockings, you can create a lasting fashionable statement. The article comes up with some valuable tips for you on how to choose stockings.

How To Choose Stockings

Wearing the wrong stockings can result in a fashion fiasco and make your look completely go wrong. Stocking is one of the accessories that can make your legs look smooth and fantastic. You can manage to look great on any given day just by choosing the right kind of stockings to match your attire. There are different styles available in stockings to suit different occasions; you just have to take the right pick! The article brings you some very useful tips on how to choose your stockings.
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Tips To Choose Stockings 
  • Know your size and go for the right size in a quality brand. Stockings of the right size and good quality will fit your legs comfortably well. A quality pair of Nylon stockings will never pose any problem for your legs. You will look nice and walk with confidence.
  • Go for stockings that match with your shoe. The shoe color should never be lighter than your stocking. A nude sheer stocking gives your legs a nice, smooth look and the nude shade goes with almost everything that you wear. Other kinds of nylon can also be worn depending upon the occasion. For night time parties and celebrations, shimmer stockings will go well. Black stockings are suitable for concerts and fancy affairs. A super sheer look can also be tried which evens out your legs so well that it doesn’t appear you are wearing stockings.
  • The texture and opacity of the stocking should also be considered before making a purchase. Take care that sandals and open shoes do not look nice with opaque stockings.
  • If you want to go for a cool and funky look, thick, patterned, plaid, floral stockings can really help you in looking artistic. A patterned stocking is best worn under pants. Choose a small print.
  • Decide whether you want pantyhose or stockings. With short dresses and skirts, or clingy outfits, pantyhose is a good option. Stockings that stay up on their own can be more hot-looking and comfortable than the pantyhose.
  • Durability of your stockings is another factor to be considered. Good hose can be expensive, but then it’s worth it.
  • For knee-length skirts, sheer stocking will go the best. It is not advisable to wear opaque stockings with this length of your skirt. Wearing nude stockings with very short skirts may not be a great idea, more so, if you are not in your 20’s or attending a party. 
  • Apply lotion to your hands before reaching out for your stockings to avoid snags.
  • Try to avoid wearing your best new stockings with boots. Boots generally rub snags and marks into the shins of even the most good quality hose.
  • If you are wearing supporting hose, it is important to ensure that the darkest part of hose is not revealed by your dressing when you sit.

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