Wavy hair looks sexy and is easy to maintain. Read on the article to know styling tips for wavy hair.

Styling Tips For Wavy Hair

Even if the poker straight has been a rage from few years, sexy wavy hair is always ‘in’ and in no way it is going to be out, anytime soon. Wavy hair is easy to maintain and looks healthy and stylish. So if you have got wavy hair. Lucky you! Actually wavy hair is one of the most desirable hair types. Everyone wants to have the natural sexy look related to the wavy hair. Wavy hair is versatile and can give many hairstyles. One of the advantages wavy hair has is that it can be ironed to get the straight look. You don’t even have to do much to make your hair look better. Just tie it in a ponytail or style it with a bandana and you are ready to hog all the attentions from your immediate world. Here are given some of the styling tips for wavy hair. Read on the pointers below to know the tips for wavy hairstyles.
Tips For Wavy Hairstyles
For Quick Beachy Looks
Wash your hair with a shampoo suitable to your hair type. Now towel dry your hair and comb it. Take mousse in accurate amount. If you have long hair, you may need baseball size blob. However, for shoulder length hair, take mousse in golf-ball size. Now apply the mousse by tilting your head from one side and from the ends up on the side. Now repeat the same with another side too. Now, let your hair dry naturally and keep scrunching as it dries. Don’t brush the hair. You are ready with your beachy look.
For A Sexy Runway Look
Apply mousse on damp hair evenly. Now blow dry the hair starting from the back under, then blow dry sideways from under and repeat drying until the hair is completely dry. Now dry the hair from the front end too. Apply the hot rollers vertically from the sides. Keep the rollers until they have cooled down. Now take a little wax in your hand and slightly pinch the ends of the hair. Now take a liberal amount of wax and rub it back of your style. Rub it in a circular motion for a messier look. Take a little amount of gel wax and pinch the ends of the hair with it in an up and forward motion. Apply hair spray and you are ready to hog all the attention!
For A Classic Wavy Look
Apply a little amount of styling mousse all over your clean and freshly washed hair and distribute it evenly in your hair. Now part your hair in two, dividing them from middle of your right eye. Now, brush your hair properly using a redial brush. Blow-dry your bangs leaving the rest of the hair. Now blow-dry it from all the sides until the hair is completely dry. Now with the help of curling iron the hair for better effects. Now take a small section of your hair and comb it up and down until it is standing up by itself. Start from the crown of the hair and repeat till the sides. Now apply a very little amount of smoothing shine gel to your hair and very lightly apply it to the top of the hair. Give the finishing touch with hairspray.

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