Having a bad hair day and can’t help blaming your wavy hair for it? Here are a few helpful tips on maintaining and styling wavy hair. Read on to know best wavy haircuts for men.

Wavy Haircuts For Men

Giving men’s hairstyles names is a difficult thing to do especially in front of a barber or a hairstylist. It would always be better if you find a particular style that would suit your hair well, take a printout and show your hairstylist what you are trying to achieve with your hair. For people with wavy hair, finding the right hair cut to suit their facial features and shape of the face is quite a difficult task as wavy hair can become quite unmanageable compared to straight hair. Short crew cut for men with wavy hair is the easiest way out, as with the help of a good shampoo and conditioner the quality of your hair can be maintained. Even though short wavy hair is easier to maintain, longer wavy hair maintained in layers or styled to be combed to a side is a lot more attractive and gets a lot more attention from people around.
Wavy Hairstyles For Men 

Russell Crowe Wavy Hairstyle
Guys with a round face and wavy hair could go for something similar to what Russell Crowe sports. Wavy hair can be kept long, layered at the sides, and parted at the centre with a few strands left on the forehead, to give the face a more proportioned look.

Patrick Dempsey Wavy Hairstyle
Guys with naturally wavy hair can go for the look sported by Patrick Dempsey. Immensely popular among women, two-day old stubble with the medium length wavy hair combed to a side after applying a little bit of pomade can do wonders for your social life. Patrick Dempsey made this look, one of the most recognized wavy hairstyles for today’s man. 

Shia LaBeouf Wavy Hairstyle
Another Hollywood celebrity that has made wavy hairstyles look fantastic is the young Shia LaBeouf who keeps his long wavy hair brushed back with gel, wax or a strong hairspray. Men with long wavy hair can go for this look or can also go for another hairstyle sported by this celebrity; the wavy front hairstyle that can be flipped in back and give you a great formal look to go along with designer suits, if you intend on wearing them. 

James Franco Wavy Hairstyle
Maintained with short hair at the back and sides, the top portion is cut in a jagged manner, giving the hair fullness and allowing the natural waves to be combed in whichever way one pleases. It can be maintained with the occasional trimming. 

Bradley Cooper Wavy Hairstyle
This hairstyle features hair of uniform length all over, it adds a natural wave and movement to the hair; it can be kept in check with the application of little of pomade. Another low maintenance hairstyle could be one requiring only the occasional trim to keep your hair in check. 

John Mayer Wavy Hairstyle
If your hair is slightly curly this hairstyle could apply for you. Cut the hair at the back short than the rest of the hair. You can keep the length of the hair at front reaching up to the eyebrows or slightly above depending on whether you have a bigger forehead or not.

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