Tired of your long tresses and would like to go for a shorter wavy hairstyle? Here are a few tips on short wavy hairstyles to get you going.

Short Wavy Hairstyles

With short hair, waves are the most versatile alternatives to your usual look. A casual way of wearing your short hair is to let your hair retain its natural waves and fall into place. Most short wavy hairstyles are easy to reproduce at home. You could get whole different looks for your short wavy hair with the application of gel for a wet look or use molding cream for extra texture. You just have to keep a few things in mind when getting a short wavy hairstyle, the length of the hair would depend on the shape of your face. You will also need to look into the exact texture when deciding on the length of your hair, like fine hair would be better off kept short but with many different layers to give it that extra bounce and volume. There are a lot of hairstyles that can be classified under short and wavy, so consult a specialist as to which one would suit your face and features the best and discuss with them on how you would like it personalized to meet your expectations.
Wavy Short Haircuts

Meg Ryan Short Wavy Hairstyle
Combining medium and long layers gives this wavy hairstyle a lot of movement coupled with a lot of attitude. It is relatively easy to maintain and only requires the occasional trim. 

Drew Barrymore Short Wavy Hairstyle
For women with oval or oblong face shape, a Drew Barrymore inspired haircut would work quite well. The length of the hair is maintained at cheek level and the layering enhances the curls and the hair is not parted at the centre to give the hair more volume. It is a relatively easy hairstyle to achieve and to maintain. 

Milla Jovovich Hairstyle
Women with heart or diamond shaped faces can opt for this look sported by Milla Jovovich. Short layers are cut throughout and soft side swept bangs are added to the front, enhancing the facial features. Since it is a short haircut it easy to maintain with regular trims. 

Casual Short Wavy Hairstyle
This is one of the most commonly sought after short wavy hairstyle and requires the least amount of time to dress up. The sides and back are cut short to sit flat into the head and the top layers are cut jagged to get better height and definition. The bangs like in the one sported by Milla Jovovich are designed to soften the overall look of the haircut. 

Steps To Get Wavy Hairstyle At Home
Women with straight hair don’t need to worry about visiting the parlor every time they need to whip their hair up into a wavy hairstyle. A few simple steps can assure you a wavy or curly hairstyle fixed up right at home. 

Steps To Get The Look 
  • The first step towards getting a nice hairdo is to wash and towel-dry your hair.
  • Apply a dab of gel with your fingers or with a comb, run it through your hair. Blow dry your hair after that and part them into different sections using clips.
  • Curl your hair using a large barreled curling iron in the direction you want your hair to be curled in. The waves can be softened out to your liking by running your hands through them or by using a large comb.
  • After achieving the desired look, use a hairspray to hold the hair in place.

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