Want to try out a funky new look? Read on to learn some of the short black haircuts which will help you look younger and prettier.

Short Black Haircuts

True, those long wavy hairstyles look gorgeous and fabulous, but they don’t suit everyone. Why not try out a short hair cut? Gone are the days when only long braids were a sign of women’s sex appeal and beauty. Now many celebrities and gorgeous models can also be seen flaunting sporty and funky short black haircuts. Be it Halle Berry or Rihanna, the funky short black hairstyles look fabulous on anyone and with every face cut. If you have been wearing long tresses for a long time now, it is time you come out of the conventional hairstyle idea and try something new, something bold and lippy and something that will enhance your personality. There are many hairdos within the short black haircuts, each providing you a different look for different occasions. These hairdos will make you look younger and prettier and will give you an opportunity to step into a completely new fashion trend. Mentioned below are different types of short black hairstyles, try out one and experience the difference.

Short Black Hairstyles

Bob Hairstyles
Short bob haircuts are a perfect choice for curly, straight or wavy hair types. People with curly hair can try out the graduate bob hairstyle. If you have straight hair, you can try out the asymmetrical bob hairstyle. The bob hairstyle has a lot of varieties for you to choose from. You can try out the curly bobs, layered bob or the choppy bob haircuts. You can try out asymmetry bob with choppy bangs or an A-line bob or even a bob style with softly curled ends to get an amazing look. In order to make your haircut look trendier you can make use of jagged layers and bangs flipped across your forehead. You can also wear sculpted curls or ringlets along with a wavy bob haircut.

Pixie Haircuts
For people with straight hair type and for a round face, a pixie haircut is the right choice as it will give you a bold look. The wispy layers in this hairstyle add volume to the crown and the heightened bangs makes the face look elongated. This hairstyle is also quite easy to maintain. In this particular hairstyle, the hair at the back is cut short while the hair on the sides is kept comparatively longer. The pixie haircut makes the end of the hair look separated.

The Gamine Haircut
The gamine is a very short cut that gives you a boyish look, but there are ways in which you can make this hairstyle look feminine as well. You can either get this haircut along with layers, or cut the hair loose and unstructured to wear a flirty and romantic look. It is wise to keep the look of the cut light by using some foam that gives volume to your hair and then by blow drying your hair using a round brush. 

The Razor Cut
Another well-liked short black hair cut is the razor cut style. The razor cut style helps in adding volume and movement to your hair that is naturally thin and flimsy. However, thick hair types can also benefit from the razor cut since it helps in reducing the extra bulk of the hair making heavy hair easy to manage.

Short Layered Bob
The short-layered hair style is one of the most popular black hair styles which will give you a sophisticated and engaging look. You can even add layers around your face and flip the ends of the layers to get an up-to-the-minute look.  

The Fade
The fade is another hairstyle option for people who like to wear their hair short. This cut will add layers in few strategic places along your scalp that fades from the top of the head to the nape of the neck. This is a common haircut among many women celebrities as well. This style will look fabulous on any person having strong facial features.

Spiky Cut
The spiky is a bold looking smart-alecky hair style which you can wear in different ways. The side and back of your hair has to be very short and the top of your hair some 3 to 4 inches long or even longer. You can make use of gels to make your hair stick up and then spray some hairspray if needed to have a complete spiky look.

Finger Waves
You can wear a retro style by going for finger wave hair styles. Your hair will have to be really short for this hair style, especially on the sides and back. You can afford to leave the top and front a bit longer. Use a gel, a curling iron and a pomade to create finger waves on your short hair across the front and the top, where hair is a bit longer.

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