Long haircuts may not go well with your fine thin hair, as they can easily expose the lack of volume. Explore the article to know some trendy short hairstyles for fine hair.

Short Hairstyles For Fine Hair

In case you are one of those who have thin hair, the ideal hair style is one that keeps your hair short. In fact, you can add the illusion of volume and thickness to your thin hair by going for short haircuts that are styled well. Short hairstyles will also make you look younger and boost your confidence with a new and different look. Very short hairstyles or hair that doesn't cross the ear length are also very easy to style, even as they look extremely trendy and fabulous. Short hair is also pretty easy to care for, unlike the long tresses that may demand some extra attention and pampering. Got hooked to short hairstyles? Read the article to know some of the best short hairstyles for fine hair.
Short Haircuts For Thin Hair
Pixie hairstyle is the most classic of all short haircuts. It is the best hairstyle for oval or heart shaped faces and in case your hair has a bit of natural wave, pixie style is your call. In order to retain some freedom to style your hair, ask your hair stylist to cut it short on the back and sides, while keeping it a little longer on the top. You can even add some wispy bangs to your hair, depending on what suits your facial shape the best. Sleek your pixie haircut down for a formal look and for a more chic look, keep the cut spiked or tousled.
Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyles
Asymmetrical bob hairstyles will also go very well with thin hair. Such hairstyles create an illusion of fullness and width at the bottom, by making the short cut look elongated. If you have bangs in your hair that are neatly tucked behind your ear, it will give fullness to the hair and adds to its overall volume as well. The edges can be given a smart shape, if you want to keep your hair length a little longer than just short.
Sleek, Behind The Ears Style
This style is very well suited to women who have straight hair. They can wear their hair just below ear level, with a deep side part. Tuck the sides of the hair neatly behind your ears. This hairstyle looks sexy, no-nonsense and professional, all at the same time. It is also easy to style, saving a lot of time in your usual morning rush. A dash of styling will be required to complete the look of your hair, if it is too straight. Use a gloss serum to smooth your hair and tuck it behind the ears.
Shaggy Pixie Style
In case your short pixie hair has grown out a bit, you can sport a shaggy pixie style comfortably. A little extra length and texture will make the cut come out beautifully. You can even ask your stylist to give you more length in the back, along with choppy ends. Leave the top hair a little long as well, but not longer than the ear length. Shaggy pixie style looks best with long, eye-skimming bangs, swooped to one direction.

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