Knowing how to trim your own hair will help you to cut down the expenses on your personal maintenance. Follow the article to know some valuable tips for trimming your hair at home.

How To Trim Your Own Hair

A visit to the salon for trimming your hair may be costing you more than what you want to shell out every month or in cases of exceptional hair growth, every 15 days. You can save considerably on your personal maintenance by learning to trim your own hair. Trimming you own hair seems to be next to impossible and majority of the people choose not to trim their hair on their own. However, unlike popular perception, it is rather easy to trim your hair at home, without any professional help, provided you have the patience for it, since it’s a time consuming process. Explore the article to know some very useful tips on how to trim your own hair and save yourself a pending visit to the salon.
Trimming Your Own Hair At Home 
  • Before you set on to trim your hair, you need to shampoo and condition it, in order to remove the moisture. Clean and wet hair is always the easiest to trim. Using conditioner will also help divide your hair into neat sections, when you reach that step.
  • Do not try to dry your hair by rubbing it with a towel. Only excess water is to be removed from your hair, so that it still remains wet for trimming. You will also need to rewet your hair for trimming if your hair dries very quickly.
  • Now, comb your hair and form separate sections. Try for smaller sections, as they are easy to trim. The basic sections are to be at minimum front top, each side, back top and back bottom.
  • If your hair is layered, you need to divide sections for each of the layers. You have to focus on one section at a time, to trim your hair properly and not let the cut go uneven.
  • Begin trimming from the side of your face or from the section you are most comfortable with. For this, you need to pull the hair tightly between your first and middle finger, until you near the end of the strands.
  • Trim down a small length, say about an inch. You can later trim more length if you want, but cutting too many inches of hair in the first go may result in something drastic.
  • Now, reach for the other section and trim down the same length. You can also hold a bit of the previously-trimmed section with the one you are trimming now, to know where to cut from and how much to cut.
  • Trim all the sections of you hair in the same way and keep comparing the hair length with the previously cut sections, for an even trim. Remember that you have to maintain a strong hold on your hair throughout the trim.
  • Now dry your hair, if it is still wet and any uneven strands will be easily visible once the hair is dry. Trim them to bring them to the length of the rest of your hair.

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