In this article we tell you about hair threading, give you some tips and guide you through the step-by-step process of threading your hair. Learn more about how to thread hair, in this article.

How To Thread Hair

Threading is a hair removing technique in which hair is removed, essentially, from the face using a cotton thread. The cotton thread is rolled and twisted on the skin which intertwines the hair in the thread, after which they are lifted out from the root. Threading is more precise than waxing.
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Though threading is generally used on upper lip, chin, eyebrows, sideburns and cheeks, it is most commonly used on the eyebrows. Threading is also a perfect way to get those eyebrows into shape. Read on to find out some tips and the steps involved in threading. 
  • First, take about 2 feet or 24 inches of cotton thread. Be sure that the thread you use is of good quality and strong enough. Although there is no special thread which is used for threading, but strong and good quality cotton thread is generally used for the purpose.
  • Now, take both the ends of the thread and knot them up. This is done because you need to have a circle of thread.
  • Hold the thread in both your hands and wind it about 8-10 times. The winded bit now would lie in the centre of the thread circle.
  • Placing the thread around the fingers of both hands, push the winded portion of the thread towards one hand. This can be done by widening the fingers of one hand and at the same time closing the fingers of the other one.
  • Once you have got the hang of the pushing and pulling technique, which is the most important thing in threading, you can move to the next step - the actual threading on the required body part.
  • It is not advisable to directly thread your eye brows or upper lip or face. It is always better to practice threading your leg first, since it is easily accessible and it will also give you a fair bit of idea about how good you are at it.
  • Before you begin, sit comfortably on a bed or on a chair and identify which portion of the leg you want to thread.
  • With both parts of the thread in both of your hands, start the threading process. Make sure that the thread actually catches the hair while it moves back and forth. It will lift the hair from its root as and when it moves back and forth. 
Threading can be a easy process if you know the right way. You will also need to practice quite a bit before you can get the hang of it. If you know how to thread, you can thread the required body part as and when required instead of going to a beauty salon and spending a hefty amount for the same.

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