Everyone likes to look thin and elegant. Learn how to wear clothes that make you look thinner, in this article.

How To Wear Clothes That Make You Look Thinner

You are not exactly fat, but there are times that you feel like, you have fat hanging off, all the wrong places of your body, like a blob monster from the Scooby-Doo series. This makes it very difficult for you to choose your clothes well, because, of course, you do not want to end up looking ridiculous. You enroll in a gym, but you still need to socialize and step out of your house, until you lose enough weight to keep you happy. Well, learning how to choose clothes that will give people the illusion that you are thin and which will flatter your figure is not a daunting task. Choosing the right clothes will make you look and feel more attractive and you can use various fashion tricks to make your wardrobe your best friend. Read on to know how to wear clothes to look thinner. 
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How To Wear Clothes To Look Thinner 
  • Choose the right fabric. Quite often, if you are not thin, bulky fabrics will make you look worse. Avoid puffy jackets, heavy wools, sweatshirts, or anything else that will add to your dimensions. Go for thin and fitted fabrics, which can hold their shape.
  • Wear clothes that fit properly. Wearing loose or shabby clothes will make you look bulkier, apart from being shabby. Well cut clothes will make you look as though you have lost weight. Well cut clothes are not the same as tight clothes. Tight clothes will cling to your excess fat and make the layers of flesh more visible. Therefore, ensure that the clothes are cut comfortably.
  • Choose the right colors. Darker colors, especially black, can make you look thinner. However, do not fill up your wardrobe with black clothes, such that it looks like, one belonging to a professional mourner. You can continue to wear the colors that you like. Just be sure to choose deeper variations of the same color.
  • Have fun with the right patterns. Do not go in for outrageous patterns, if you have a bulky waist or a bulky anything. Choose simple, classic patters, so that it doesn’t add girth to any part of you.
  • Stripes can flatter the way you look – if they are chosen well. You need to be clear about when and how to use stripes. Never wear horizontal stripes, since these make a person look bulkier. Vertical stripes can make you look, thinner and taller. You can give the illusion of having an hourglass figure by alternating stripes such that horizontal stripes are at your chest and hips and the rest are vertical stripes. However, never opt for this, if you already are bulky around the chest and hips.
  • Don’t wear hip hugger jeans if you have spare tires on your hips and a stomach that sags like a sack of flour! While hip huggers are in fashion, it is better to go in for a pair of jeans that makes you look good instead of embarrassing you. Choose a dark pair with a mid rise waist, with embroidery along the sides. This will make your thighs look slimmer and will keep all that loose fat, compactly in place until you succeed in getting rid of it.
  • Corsets might be out of fashion, but there are various inner garments that will compress flab and make your body look firmer and thinner. Just be sure that you do not get anything too tight, since you would not want to stop your blood circulation!

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