Gaucho clothes represent the traditional dress of people residing in Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil. Explore the article to know what a gaucho dress is and also how to wear one.

What Are Gaucho Clothes

The term ‘gaucho’ describes the cowboys residing in the South American pampas, chacos or Patagonian grasslands found mainly in Argentina, Uruguay, Southern Chile and Southern Brazil. The traditional outfit worn by the gauchos of these countries is called the gaucho dress. The outfit usually includes a poncho, a facon (large knife), a rebenque (leather whip), and loose fitting trousers called bombachas, belted with a tirador or a chiripa (a piece of cloth used in the fashion of a diaper). The ponchos are made of heavy wool to protect the wearer from cold in the winter season. Today, the gaucho dress is not only worn by the gauchos, but also by the general public. It has become a fashion statement and designers from Argentina have developed and improved the original designs. The gaucho clothes are also worn by polo players and fans, as an association with the polo environment. Read the lines below to know more about the elements of a gaucho dress and also explore how to wear it.
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Elements Of A Gaucho Dress
  • The alpargatas, known as espadrilles in English, are canvas shoes traditionally made from black canvas, having a rope sole. The modern shoes are made with a wide range of colors and patterns, some even having rubber soles.
  • Bombachas de campo are trousers made from very strong pure cotton. One can find these trousers made in different colors, styles and designs, though the most popular ones are khaki, black, white, dark blue and dark green. These trousers are characterized by buttons located at the ankles, used to narrow the trouser. They are worn by both men and women.
  • Gaucho pants are quite similar to Capri pants, but differ in their length. The former do not go down to the ankle and are worn mainly by women.
  • Another common gaucho element is the poncho which is mainly worn in winters to protect against the cold weather.
  • The dress is complemented by a gaucho hat called boina or beret. The hat can be found in different shapes and styles, depending on the region.
How To Wear A Gaucho Dress
  • Select a corduroy gaucho for the winter season, as it is made from wool. For summers, you can go for gauchos made of linen or silk.
  • Get a gaucho in a solid color, unless you find a subtle plaid. Avoid the neon or glaringly garish gauchos as they look like clown pants.
  • Go for boots in winters to complement your gaucho, as they give a classic look. Ensure that the boots are skinny and fit close to your leg, to offset the wideness of the gaucho. For summers, you can pair tour gauchos with clogs, no socks or any other clunky summer shoe. High heels and strappy sandals are a big no.
  • Since gauchos are wide and roomy, select a shirt that fits close to your skin. The best way to get the neat look is to get a shirt tailor made for you. Pair your winter gauchos with a tailored blouse and long, tailored cardigan. For summers, you can opt for a sleeveless tailored blouse or even a tank top.
  • A vest or a jacket too works well with gauchos. The vest should be long and thin or cropped at the waist, just like a pirate. While for jackets, they should reach at least mid-thigh, else you will look like a stuffed pumpkin.
  • Don other accessories like clunky jewelry, thick bangles and large hoop earrings with your gaucho, to complete the look. You can also add a beret to your outfit.

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