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Maternity Clothing Patterns

While pregnant women are delighted with the feeling of being a mother soon, to add to this pleasure is the imminent opportunity to shop. Women love to shop and motherhood offers them a perfect chance to give vent to their shopping spree. They soon realize that the clothes in their wardrobes fit them no more and they need to get something new for themselves. Manufactures today are going for variety, making clothes that would suit a pregnant lady comfortably, yet look fashionable. Listed are a few maternity clothing patterns for pregnant women.
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Maternity Clothes 
  • Maternity Jeans- Low waist jeans have wonderfully replaced those ugly elastic band jeans, which were formerly worn by women with a long top to hide the elastics. Maternity jeans range in a variety of colors, lengths and styles that come with latest fashions. Women have options such as straight legged or boot cut jeans, vintage wash or classic dark blue denims.
  • Maternity Formal Wear- These days, there is a considerable variety for a pregnant woman, while buying formal wear. She can go for black undoubtedly, as it would make her look elegant and formal. A formal black dress well paired with a jacket is ideal for office wear.
  • Maternity Party Wear- Maternity formal wear can be worn to a party, with some minor changes added to it. Dressing it up with an eye-catching scarf, pearls, black heels or a silk warp for an elegant evening out is a good idea. Black dresses that fit properly are a universal wardrobe item that can help hide the increasing size of pregnant women. Every time you change accessories, you’ve created a new look. So go for it!
  • Maternity Wedding Dress- While earlier it was a subdued affair, marriage of a pregnant woman has now turned to be a grand one. Expectant mothers getting married no longer shy away from majestic weddings. The range for maternity dressing starts from those featuring the elegant empire-style, which is designed with a high waist that breaks away just under the bust, to short form-fitting dresses.
  • Maternity Swimsuit- Swimming is one of the most vital activities for an expectant mother. Today, swimsuits are designed according to the comforts of the woman wearing. They are available in large varieties, from one piece that has flirty skirt bottoms to two piece models - with long skirted tops and a maternity brief underneath to halter tops - matched with under-the-belly bottoms.
  • Maternity Bras- When you start feeling uncomfortable, no matter however much you adjust the strap, it is the time to get yourself a new bra. Maternity bras are specially designed to give support to the enlarged breasts, a result of pregnancy. These days, they are infused, in their making, with nursing bras, which are used after the child is born. Make sure you get the right band size and the cup size for yourself, for a comfortable feeling.

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