Availably of trendy maternity clothes underscores that the times of hiding growing belly under layers of fabric during pregnancy are now passé in India. Read tips on buying good maternity clothing.

Maternity Clothes In India

The steadily increasing popularity of stylish maternity clothes in India has added a whole new meaning to the pregnancy ‘term’. It’s no longer that boring nine-month long phase when most expecting ladies donned in drab looking-gowns remained secluded away from the public until the arrival of the newborn. Indian women today take pride in being a mother. And this change can be seen being accentuated in a number of ways. Introduction of plus-size clothes designed especially to be worn by ladies during pregnancy for one.
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Apart from taking good care of one’s health, appearing presentable throughout the nine months of pregnancy has become a priority for mothers in India. Thanks to the availability of fashionable maternity clothes, the times of hiding expanding stomachs under layers of fabric are now passé. So if you too are expecting, then get yourself some really cool trendy maternity outfits. And buy ingeniously so that you can mix-match them and wear. Here are tips to keep in mind when shopping for maternity wear.  
Buy Carefully
Most maternity dresses are so designed that they stylishly cover the growing bump on the tummy during the ensuing months of pregnancy. However, there are some aspects you need to keep in mind. Select those that can adjust to your body’s needs as you grow and develop physically, readjusts as your body slims down post delivery as well as caters to your nursing needs. Dungarees, plus size tee-shirts and slacks made out of stretchable soft fabric good choices. 
Splurge A Bit
Maternity dresses can be a bit expensive for varied reasons. The first is that you get to wear them for a very short span of time. Second you will need separate sets for party, outings and home wear. Third, you will have to splurge more when buying some really good brands. Therefore, a sensible solution is to save up some money for your pregnancy beforehand.
Do’s & Don’ts when Buying Maternity Clothes & Accessories
During your pregnancy, refrain from wearing tight belts, socks or stockings with uncomfortable elastic bands. Also avoid badly designed maternity clothing that may attract attention to your middle. Make sure the fabric of the maternity clothes you are buying is soft to the skin. Also wear comfortable and appropriate undergarments. Pregnancy underwear and maternity/nursing bras will make you feel more comfortable, no matter what clothing you're wearing as a top layer. 
Options While Buying Maternity Clothing
What about an elegant formal skirt made out of a stretch fabric, one that is comfort fit around the belly region? You can team this up with a slim-but-generous-at-the-waist smart-looking formal shirt. Add a long silk scarf to the ensemble for elegance. Then there are also yoga pants and support tops for the pre-natal exercise class available.
Pregnancy is the best of times for you to be sashaying around in high heeled shoes. Select comfortable, low heeled shoes or shoes with wide, chunky heels instead. You can also choose to purchase slip-ons. Bending will be a problem during the latter stage of pregnancy. Remember? So always buy comfy shoes with soft soles. Buying flat footwear without any heels is also a good idea.

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