If you hadn’t had the time to hit the gym of late and are conscious about your bulging paunch, check out the tips in the article, to know how to look slimmer/ thinner than what you really are.

How to Look Slimmer Than You Are

You don’t really need to have a perfect body like Carmen Electra or Claudia Schiffer to look and feel good about yourself. Beauty is a subjective territory that doesn’t always have to agree with the pre-defined 36-24-36 tag. In today’s fitness world, where less is more, having that perfect body is almost a distant dream for most of us. While it is important to stay in shape and feel fit, it is not always easy to track down the treadmill or say ‘no’ to that occasional junk bingeing. Result, a chubbier you! Being overweight or slightly plump, however, does not have to mean that you need to compromise on your couture sense. Fashion is a personal statement and with a little trick, you, too, can flaunt a firmer, slimmer you, even if you haven’t been able to keep a tab on your expanding waistline of late. Here are some simple fixes to deal with your weight woes. Scroll down the following tips and surprise everyone with a thinner, slimmer you, despite those bulging fats. Read on for more.
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Tips To Look Slimmer
Baggy Blues!
The baggier your clothes are, the bigger you are likely to appear! Baggy, oversized clothes do little to camouflage the bulges. Instead they exaggerate one’s size, making one look larger, rounder and not to mention, extremely outsized. One thumb rule to apply when picking clothes is to always go for well-fitted, streamlined dresses that fit well, without accentuating your size and flaws. That however doesn’t mean that you squeeze yourself into body-hugging outfits. The basic idea is to dump the loose flowy tops, tunics and gowns and get into more shapely clothes.
Choose Your Shade!
The colors you choose often decide on how lean or large you look! Choosing the right color, preferably solid hues like navy blue, charcoal, gray, brown and the very sizzling black can be flattering to your looks and even guise the belly fat happily. To create a more slender impression, you can mix and match the darker tones like brown, dark green, black. Stay away from pinks and reds and yellows, if you don’t wish to get the not-so-flattering comments coming in. Solid colors are indeed the best bet for that trimming effect.
Stripe It Off!
Wearing the wrong stripes can make you look larger than reality! Horizontal stripes are an absolute no-no for plus sized individuals. If you want to play with stripes, vertical streaks are the ones to bet on, as they create an impression of length. You can also go for pin stripes and miter stripes for a slimming effect. It’s never a wise idea to experiment with patterns, as they just tend to inflate one’s appearance.
Always Below The Belt!
Pull up high waist jeans only if you have the guts to wear it like Jennifer Lopez or Kate Moss. If not, just stay away! High-waist jeans can be very unflattering to one’s look, more so if obese. The best bet is to always wear your pants/jeans below the waist. Also, stay away from belts, no matter how funky fashion statement they make, as it can only add up to the size of your torso.
Glam Up!
Don’t forget to accentuate your facial contours for that maximum slimming effect. A stroke of blush can add a whole new definition to your cheek bones or just make your jaw line more pronounced. Tying your hair in a high pony tail is a great idea, especially if you wish to draw the attention away from those facial flaws.
Flaunt Your Best!
When trying to appear slim, it is always a better idea to guise the problem area and shift focus to your best features. If you have a slender neck as compared to a big waistline, draw all the attention to it by accessorizing it with a nice neckpiece. Similarly, if you have toned waist and big hips, play up the features with fitted shirt and a flared skirt.
Love Yourself!
No matter what you do and what you wear, it is very important to feel good about yourself, regardless of how much you weigh and how big you look. Remember, a confident person always reflects a better image. The way you carry yourself often makes a big difference. Always maintain an erect, poised posture. After all, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and sometimes the right attitude and correct posture can get you stealing the show, irrespective of your size!

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