The main types of men’s shoes include dress shoes, boots, casual shoes and many more. Explore the article to know in detail about the different styles of male shoes.

Types Of Men’s Shoes

Men’s shoes, just like their female counterparts, are specially designed to serve specific purposes. Most of these shoes are sturdier and also wider than the shoe designed for females. They have more of a functional purpose and are mostly designed for style and utility, rather than to serve mere fashionable purposes. However, just as in case of females, buying shoes is not an easy task for men as well. One has to look for his shoe type depending on the purpose he wants to use it for. In order to help you with the process, this article brings information on the main types of men’s shoes that are worn in present times. Read on and explore the varied styles available in male shoes.
Different Styles Of Male Shoes
Dress Shoes
Dress shoes are to be worn on formal occasions, such as weddings, funerals and operas. They are available in different styles, including wing tips, loafers, slip-ons and oxford, which are the most popular dress shoe styles. Black is believed to be the most versatile color for dress shoes, as it goes well with most attire and does not look odd. However, regular shades of brown are also available.
Boots are the toughest of all men’s shoes, and are usually worn by those who have to indulge in hard labor. Clean and attractively designed cowboy boots can also be worn in formal settings. However, work boots cannot be worn for any purpose other than manual labor. They are surely not one of the highly fashionable types of shoes.  
Athletic Shoes
The athletic shoes are specifically designed to help men tolerate arduous activity with the feet. These shoes are worn by professional athletes and sports players or people who exercise regularly. Athletic shoes are available in different types, depending on the activity they are required for. Soccer, football, basketball, bicycle and running shoes come with their unique features, which are designed to enhance the comfort and performance of an athlete. Running shoes are the most versatile of all athletic shoe-types for men, as they can be used on a track and a gym floor as well, other than everyday use.
Casual Shoes
Casual shoes are meant for everyday use and are designed to bear day-to-day wear and tear. They are the most comfortable of all men’s shoes and look similar to the athletic shoes. Casual shoes can tolerate regular use, limited to walking and light activity. They are also, usually, less expensive than most of the athletic shoes. However, some type of casual shoes can be more expensive than the athletic shoes as well, depending on their look and design.
Though sandals do not ‘technically’ fall within the ambit of shoes, they are an open form of footwear used for daily purposes. Sandals are a rather popular type of footwear, as they are pretty comfortable to wear and stylish at the same time. They prove to be efficient footwear for beach-use and go very well with the casual look. It is common to sight young, college-going students wearing sandals in colleges and otherwise. Sandals can also be used for outdoor sports activities.

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