Learn the art of attracting girls by choosing your clothes with care. After all, fine feathers make fine birds!

How To Dress To Attract Girls

Smart, cool, handsome, and an absolute hunk – that’s how girls tend to describe, not you, but your next door neighbor! You feel it’s unbelievable, because you know that you have the better features, a better build, and a better everything! However, you don’t seem to get the girls in queue behind you. Well, the problem could be with the clothes you choose to wear. There is a popular saying that ‘Fine feathers make fine birds”. This is very true. With their feathers plucked, a crow and a peacock would both look as scrawny. However, the peacock’s beautiful feathers draw admiring glances. A similar rule appears to the human race as well. How you dress defines the rules of attraction to a large extent, since, apart from the few girls with weird tastes, the majority of them like men who have a good dress sense. This does not mean that you have to empty your bank account on branded clothes (especially since brands are usually hidden beneath collars and cannot be seen), or that you have to get into jazzy, outlandish attire to be noticed. The tip is to be smart and elegant. Read on to know how to dress to attract women. 
How To Dress To Attract Women 
  • Have good grooming habits since this is the foundation to an attractive appearance. Be sure to have a shower and shave (or trim your beard) before you meet women. Clean and trim your fingernails and wear a deodorant (do not overdo on the deodorant). Apply a lotion onto your skin, if it is dry.
  • Ensure that your shirt fits you well. If you are a size 40 and you wear a 46, then you will end up looking like a shirt-hanger. You would also need to make sure that it is not too tight. You do not want buttons popping, when you are speaking to a cute girl!
  • Choose light, plain colors (never go in for pink unless you can carry it off) or subtle stripes if you are going to a nice restaurant or a higher income establishment. Dark colors make you look more serious, while lighter colors will give you the aura of friendliness.
  • Use straight-leg jeans or pressed slacks that are neither too baggy or too tight. The baggy pants would seem slovenly, and the too-tight ones would make it seem like you want to flaunt your assets. Try to have a more sophisticated look by choosing khakis.
  • A blazer or sports coat would go great to keep you warm as well as to compliment your clothes.
  • Use clean, polished shoes. Go in for polished leather shoes if you are heading for a club or a restaurant. Use clean sneakers if you are going to a casual place. Remember, the emphasis should be on clean.
  • Let your personality shine through your clothes. Do not over-dress. Keep it simple, smart, and elegant. This will make you stand out a mile, no matter where you go.

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