Pashmina is a sign of elegance that no other fabric can beat. Check out the different ways to wear a Pashmina scarf/ shawl in this article.

How To Wear A Pashmina Shawl

Pashmina is the finest and softest wool, loved by people since ages. This cherished, elegant fabric not only gives a rich look, but also depicts the royal taste of the wearer. In the present times, Pashmina has become a great style statement, which is why probably every fashion aficionado gets hold of it, sooner or later. Remember, the style of wearing any garb can change the whole appearance in a second and Pashmina is no different. The shawl can also be worn in different ways and styles, making you impart just the perfect look for any occasion, be it casual or formal. In case you are bored of wrapping the shawl just as a protector against winter chills, this article will be of help. In the following lines, we have provided some stylish ways of wearing a Pashmina shawl. These ways would definitely enhance your appearance, making you look classy and tasteful, at the same time.  
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Different Ways To Wear A Pashmina Shawl
Belt/ Sarong Style
The sarong style, also called the belt style, looks best on people with less accentuated hips. The shawl also serves as a great accessory to color code your outfit, in the summer months. For this, all you need to do is, wrap the shawl around your waist. Drape the shawl nicely and you’re ready to hit the beach!
Full Shawl Wrap
This simple style of wearing Pashmina is ideal for all occasions. Just wrap the full shawl around the shoulders and if you want, make a knot in the front. Giving you warmth constantly, this style tenders simple, yet fashionable look.
Hollywood Style
To try out this chic style, you require two Pashmina shawls of different colors. Intertwine and drape them around the neck. Nearly all the Hollywood celebrities are seen wearing Pashmina in this style.
Stole Style
Preferred for eveningwear, stole style looks best when a beaded Pashmina is brought into play. In this style, you just have to drape the Pashmina as you do for stoles, loosely over the upper arms, allowing the ends to hang down from the underarm.
Head Scarf Style
In case you want to depict the exotic far-eastern look, go on for the headscarf style. In this style, you need to place the Pashmina over your head, covering your hair with it. With the folded edge facing you, holding tight onto both ends, pull both under the chin. Cross the sides over one another and bring the ends around to the nape of the neck. Now, fold the ends in a neat knot, either at the side of the throat or in front.
Noose Wrap
To try noose wrap, first of all, fold Pashmina in half, along the length. Ensure that the folded edge faces you and when the shawl is folded, fold it again in half, this time along the width. So, now you have an end which is folded and an end which is still open. Place the folded shawl behind your head and knot the shawl by pulling the open end through the loop of the folded end. You are ready to rock!

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