There is nothing humble about opulent pashmina shawls that need careful care and meticulous dealing to feel and stay great. Here are some tips on how to care for a pashmina shawl.

How To Care For A Pashmina Shawl

When it comes to talking of luxury apparels, very few things can match the lush opulence and splendid lineament of handspun pure pashmina shawls, made from the finest cashmere wool. Also popular as the ‘diamond fabric’ and the ‘soft gold of high Asia’, pashmina shawls are much feted for their finest, softest and warmest fabric. Exclusively spun from the finest cashmere combed from the underbelly of the Capra Hircus goat, pashmina shawls make for a supremely regal statement and have borne the mark of opulence for centuries now. Since pashminas comes exorbitantly priced and boast of the most delicate yarn, they definitely merit special care and attention. After all, you cannot afford to treat your pashmina like any other woolen apparel. However, taking care of your pashminas is easier said than done. While most people run for professional dry cleaners to keep their pashmina shawls in shape, a little home care too can keep your pashmina shawls looking and feeling great for years to come. Here’s how you can take care of pashmina shawls. Read on to know the tips.
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Tips For Caring For Your Pashmina
  • A pashmina shawl is made from the finest grade of cashmere wool and thus needs ultimate care and delicate dealing. Just dunking it in soapy tub for a quick rinse can stamp out the softness of this luxurious wool. Washing your pashmina with your favorite shampoo can keep it soft and lush for years on. Just dissolve a little shampoo in lukewarm water and rinse your pashmina shawl with it. Follow it up with a hair conditioner and then rinse it thoroughly. You will be surprised to see how soft your pashmina would feel after the wash.
  • While you may be tempted to bleach your pashmina just like all other woolen wears, abstain from doing so, as it will only raze off its soft appeal. Also never squeeze, twist or wring your pashmina shawl. Doing so would stretch the shape of your pashmina and distort its suppleness.
  • Just lay flat your pashmina shawl and allow it to dry. Keep away your pashmina from direct heat and sunlight. In other words, allow your pashmina to air-dry. Also, when pressing your pashmina, use a cool iron over a damp cloth and run from inside the garment.
  • Pashmina shawls are sensitive to moisture, sunlight and leakages. Thus, it is important to store your pashmina shawl carefully. Before you lock away your pashmina in the attic or basement, ensure that the product isn’t exposed to dampness, sunlight and leakage. Carefully fold the pashmina and pack it in a dry tissue or well-sealed plastic storage box and store it in a closet, away from dampness and heat.
  • It is better to clean all stains, especially food stains, before storing your pashmina. Fresh stains can get oxidized and fixed, making your pashmina vulnerable to moths. You can use mothballs (naphthalene) and cedar chips as standard protection from moth infestation. The other option would be to simply squirt some perfume on a piece of paper and place the paper next to your pashmina products inside the box.
  • Do not over use your pashmina. Also, allow your pashmina two or three days rest before wearing it again.
  • Never wear your pashmina against a harsh fabric, metal accessories or leather products.

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