The remedy given in this article will provide you the perfect tips to fix squeaky shoes. Read on and get information on how to make shoes stop squeaking.

How To Make Shoes Stop Squeaking

It is said that ‘You can always spot a gentleman by the shoes he wears’. In fact, many people take clean and smart shoes as one of the major factors that help decide the personality of an individual. Smart shoes can enhance the appearance of casual clothes also, while soiled shoes can make even the most expensive suit look drab. Apart from the appearance, another feature of shoes is very important i.e. the noise they make. Squeaking shoes can be a major cause of embarrassment for the wearer. If you are facing the problem of squeaky shoes and want to know the remedy to fix it, make use of the tips given below.
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How to Make Shoes Stop Squeaking
Items Needed
  • Shoe Conditioner
  • Baby Powder/ Corn Starch
  • Super Glue
  • Saddle Soap
  • Silicone Spray 
  • Take the conditioner and rub it on your shoe. Take extra consideration to be sure that you do rub the conditioner in the areas where the shoe would run together naturally.
  • The second option is to use baby powder or cornstarch. Lift the inner sole of the shoe and sprinkle powder inside. Replace the sole, letting the powder remain inside. Again lift the inner sole, this time partly, and dust with the powder. Leave the shoe like this, overnight.
  • You can also use the baby powder or cornstarch to give a dusting to the entire shoe. Again, be sure to cover the areas around shoe laces as well as the ones where the shoe runs together naturally. Leave the shoe like this, overnight.
  • It might be possible that your shoe squeaks because of a loose heel. In such a case, you should put glue into the seams around the heel. Now, clamp the shoe and hold it tight, till the time you are sure that the glue has set in properly.
  • It might be possible that the tongue rubs against the shoes, underneath the laces, making them squeak. In such a case, you should rub the tongue with saddle soap and then wear them.
  • Last, but not the least, you can use silicone spray for stopping the squeaking noise. It will not harm the leather shoes also. All you have to do is spray around the areas that are rubbing together naturally.

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