Shag hairstyles are the most chic hairstyles in the fashion world today. Know more about short and medium Shag haircut styles.

Shag Hairstyles

All the fashionistas, who dare to experiment and believe in keeping in sync with the pulsating upbeat fashion fundas, should opt for the inimitable shag hairstyle. The latest and trendiest hairstyle in the market, shag haircut is suitable for all hair types, except for very thin or thick hair. The ‘out of the bed’ look given by the haircut is highly manageable and intriguing, giving a boost to your carefree attitude.  It brings out the chiseled features of your face and gives you an edgy look. It makes you look spunky and jazzy. But this hairstyle is not just for young women; contrary to the famous belief shag hairstyle looks very graceful and vibrant on older women as well. The beauty of this hairstyle is that it can give you the image that you are looking for, whether it is that of a youthful girl or a sassy lady. One can don this hairstyle in any length of the hair one prefers to. If you want really short shaggy hair then there are lots of different kinds of looks available in that or if you want to retain the length of your hair but still have the shaggy look then there are different hairstyles in long hair shaggy look. For inspiration and example, consider the hot and fiery shaggy look donned by Meg Ryan over the several years during her Hollywood career. So, to flaunt that style icon look go for the short, medium or long shag hairstyle and get ready to rock!
Shaggy Look In Hairstyles
Short Shag Hairstyle: A short hairstyle is the wackiest, yet trendy look to be donned. While giving shag hairstyle to short hair, remember that there are more layers cut at the crown of the head rather at the bottom. Keeping the length intact, the shag hairstyle gives a lot of volume to the overall hair. As the hair near the ear is not trimmed, one can easily tuck them behind. However, to make the look more manageable, it is ensured that the farthest layer from the crown is the longest. This provides sleekness and free flow to the hairstyle. Moreover, to tame this wild look it can be customized as per your own distinct personality. This includes the amount of layers to be given in your hair, which is quite dependent on the type of hair you have and the shape of your face. To enhance the look, you can get the hair strands on different levels rolled out. This will give you an untamed appearance. For adding zing to the overall arrangement, one can even use hair color to highlight the hairstyle.
Medium Shag Hairstyle: Those with medium length hair can opt for this sassy haircut. Though this does not work very well for very curly or frizzy hair, it can still be experimented. For medium hair, there are levels both in the front as well as the back. The ends can be both uneven and tapered or uniformly covering the face, depending upon the look you want to wear. For a messy yet sexy look, those with straight hair can get their hair slightly waved and leave people entangled in charisma. The greatest advantage of this haircut is that it even looks good if the hair length is overgrown.
Long Layered Shag Hairstyle: Not everyone can carry off short hair shag hairstyle. To be fair, the short one does look way bolder and edgier. You need a certain typical sort of personality to carry it off. If you love the shag hairstyle but you do not want to overdo it then keeping it long is your best bet. Does not matter if you have pin straight hair or wavy hair or even if you have got the crazy curls, you can pull the long shag layered hairstyle off. The typical long shag layered hairstyle look comprises the use of a flat iron. Although it damages the hair in the long run but the long shagged hair looks fantastic when done carefully with a straightening iron. You can control some damage by not using the flattening iron too close to the roots and also by applying the heat protectant before styling your hair. Or you can also use thermal sprays on your hair along with a generous use of the leave-in conditioner every time you use heat styling products. The use of the flattening iron is emphasized because it will bring out the layers of your hair and help you in accentuating the choppiness of the hairstyle. The long layered shag look gives you a feminine yet an upbeat look. You can don it with the most feminine evening gowns or skirts and use bold makeup with it. It is becoming more and more famous with the A-list celebrities from Hollywood, like: Kate Moss, Eva Longoria, Jennifer Aniston, etc. It looks quite classy on the older females, bringing out the eyes and cheekbones. It looks all the more sexy if you treat your hair with some layered coloring. If you will merge your long layered shag hairstyle with bangs in the front or side bangs then it will add more character to your hairstyle. You can also wear your long shag look with loose waves in the hair as well as heavy curls. The waves and curls will introduce more bounce into your hair. You can combine side swept bangs with the loose waves; it will give you a very fresh look.

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