Haircuts for square faces should be chosen keeping in mind that they don’t accent the jawbone. Read on to explore the best hairstyles for a square shaped face.

Haircuts For Square Faces

Those with square facial shape are blessed with a strong, square jaw line and a square hairline. The jaw is angular and the length of the face is as much as its width. People with a square face should choose haircuts that play down their strong jaw line and add softness to the face. They can also go for a cut and style that creates height at the crown, since it will add length to their face and make it look longer. At the same time, long, straight styles that accentuate jawbones, viz. one-length bobs, straight or blunt-cut bangs, etc, should be avoided. If you want to get more information on the best hairstyles for a square shaped face, read on.
Best Haircuts for Square Faces
Simple, with Bangs and Layers
For square shape, a simple haircut, with straight bangs, will work the best. It will help in making the face look longer and impart an oval look to it. If you can add layers to your locks, in addition to the bangs, the look will be just perfect. The length that the hair cut adds to a square face, combined with its simplicity and style, makes it very popular amongst women with a square face.
Mid-Length Bob
Another haircut style that works well with a square shaped face is the mid-length bob. The haircut lifts the facial features of a person and also frames the chin area, adding a bit of length to the face. The layers sashay along the face all the way to the chin, in a way that it brings out the beauty of the eyes and lips. The higher volume at the top, combined with the swept bangs, works perfectly to bring a balance to the face.
Texture and Framing
Adding texture to the hair, in the form of curls and waves, will help in lifting the features of a square shaped face. By combining this with a few layers dropping past the chin and some falling around it, will make the frame appear longer. Lastly, you can add swept bangs, which help accentuate the upper portion of the face and thus, balance the features pretty well.
Haircuts Tips for Square Shaped Faces 
  • Short or medium length hairstyles work the best with square faces.
  • Those with a square shaped face can go for curly and wavy style, as it will help add roundness to the face.
  • While trying a new haircut for a square face, you should keep in mind to go for the one that adds height on top and makes the sides look narrow.
  • To add roundness to a square shaped face, go for fullness at the temples and cheekbones. At the same time, try to cover the jaw line. 
  • Long straight hairdos
  • Centre parts and straight fringes
  • Classic chin length bob
  • Haircuts with straight lines
  • Very short hairstyles

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