Hair weave is a popular practice that is adopted by many to add volume to their hair. Here are some hair weaving tips.

How To Weave Hair

Hair Weaving essentially involves the addition of hair on the scalp in order to increase the volume and length of the already existing hair. Also known as Hair Integration, the hair is added on to the scalp by braiding or weaving human or synthetic hair in the root area of the person. This makes it grow naturally since it merges with scalp after sometime. However, hair weaving requires careful maintenance otherwise it will break off. It is best to get hair weaving done from professional parlors that specialize in hair treatments. It is best to get the proper tools and help needed to do a hair weave. Check out the instructions given below that will tell you how to sew in a hair weave.
How to do Hair Weave 
  • Wash your hair thoroughly and make sure there is no dirt or oil. You may grease your scalp a bit if you feel itchy, but make sure the hair completely dry.
  • Part your hair from temple to temple and leave out hair in order to cover the tracks that would be visible from the sides and tops.
  • Tie up the hair in a bun or a pony tail so that it stays out of way. Now, start braiding your hair in medium size cornrows. Start from the very root and proceed towards the tip. It is a tiring process so would want a friend to help out.
  • Once you finish braiding, collect all the braids at the tips and tie them up as a bunch with a rubber band.
  • Take the first pack of track hair and open it. The end of the track should be place at the bottom of your head, going as low as you would want your tracks to start. Make sure when you choose the pack, the hair color is closely matched to your natural hair and is of a good quality.
  • When you reach the edge of your cornrow, hold the track on the left edge and measure from left to right. The place where the hair stops on the right side is where the track should be cut.
  • Now begin sewing up your hair in your head by using a ‘C’ shaped needle and thread. Start from the front and sew your way around the perimeter. It is not necessary to use up all the hair in the pack. Once the sewing is done, consider ironing your hair to blend it with the natural hair.

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