Weave hair will certainly help get you noticed, but if you neglect your hair, you will soon be noticed for all the wrong reasons. Read this article to learn how to take care of weave hair.

Weave Hair Care

Beyoncé pulled it off and was instantly crowned one of America’s hottest celebrities the next second. Tyra Banks pulled it off and is now the most coveted supermodel. Moreover, if you have a little patience and make a bit of an effort, you can be the one too! Weave hair is the flavour of the generation. What Miley Cyrus is to Disney, weave hair is to hairstyles! Weaving your hair offers tremendous versatility and fizzle to one’s appearance. However, it is crucial to give your hair constant care and attention while wearing a weave. Keeping an eye on your hair when it’s weaved guarantees lush and healthy new growth once it’s removed. No doubt, hair extensions are a superb technique to adding new dimensions to your hair, especially when your hair is too short to match a distinct hairstyle of your choice. Before you get carried away with the variety of hair weaves, ensure that you take precautions so as to keep your natural hair and scalp free from damage. Scroll down and learn the correct ways to take care of weave hair.

How To Care For Weave Hair

Shampoo And Conditioner
Do not forget to shampoo your locks every alternative day or so. Gently rub a sufficient amount of shampoo on your scalp with the balls of your fingertips, all the way down to your weave hair. Be careful not to ball up the weave hair to the top of your head. Use fingers to untangle all sorts of knots and maintain the texture of your hair. Conditioner and water work as a great smoothening agent and prevents hair matting. Avoid using cheap shampoos and hair products when you care for a hair weave.

Hair Oils
Every living cell requires nourishment to survive and thrive on. So why would it be any different with your hair and scalp? Massage your scalp as you apply your favourite natural hair oil beneath your weave. Getting a few drops onto weaves made out of human hair is risk-free, but you ought to be careful from mixing the oils with your synthetic hair as it may have drastic effects. Just because you may remove the hair weave in the future doesn’t mean you neglect it during the present. Comb to detangle the tangles!

Remove It After Six To Eight Weeks
Your hair is most likely to grow ½ to 1 inch beneath the weave. As time frame for wearing the hair weave comes to an end, growth of natural hair will loosen its grip. Follow your stylist’s advice and re-visit the parlour to get it removed. The time frame for this shouldn’t exceed eight weeks. If you defer this visit, not only will the hair weave get old and ragged, but the rest of your hair tends to get excessively matted.

Beware Of...
If you fail to wash and moisturize your hair on a regular basis, it will become shamefully dry and brittle. Excessively dyeing and bleaching inevitably causes undue stress to your own natural hair. Be very careful while blow-drying and curling the weave for if you accidentally burn the extensions they will remain that way until they are removed! Failing to keep your hair extensions clean attracts bacteria. It is very important to avoid using direct heat on the bonding strips of the hair weave.

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