Your hair need extra care on the day after wedding. Check out tips on post marriage hair care.

Post Wedding Hair Care

You looked picture perfect on your wedding, with your make-up dazzling, your attire and jewelry stunning and your hair style looking like a dream. Now that the wedding has finally taken place and you find some breathing space, all you want to do is go and relax. But not so fast! Though you have carefully put away your wedding dress and jewelry and removed your make-up, there is one more thing that needs immediate attention. That would be your hair. With gallons of hair spray and tones of mousse, it is very likely that your hair will turn into a bird’s nest if you ignore and go to sleep. Though shampooing at the dead of the night may sound like a pain, it is essential and your hair will thank you! Read information on post wedding hair care.
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Tips for Post Wedding Hair Care 
  • Carefully remove all the pins and accessories you have on your hair. Usually, you can ask a friend or two to help since it requires more than two tired hands to remove these with patience. Make sure you don’t pull them out too hard as it may end up breaking and damaging your hair. Also, start removing them from the bottom hair first and then go to your head.
  • Now comb the bottom hair and get rid of the tangles. Do this slowly without causing too much pain and comb with a wide-toothed comb. This will help clear the tangles easily. Then, proceed towards your head. Comb your head by dividing it into sections and then combing each section carefully and removing tangles.
  • Take a warm water shower. Make sure the water is neither too hot nor too cold. Lukewarm is the best as it will ease out the chemicals and sprays that you have used so far, without damaging your hair. Rinse your hair gently under running water for 10 minutes.
  • Take a mild shampoo; lather it all over your head and your hair. Gently massage with your finger tips and feel each and every area of your scalp being cleaned thoroughly. Rinse in lukewarm water and make sure all shampoo is gone. Repeat, I said, repeat this process. Hair mousse and sprays can be really stubborn and you need to lather again to make sure there are no traces.
  • Apply a little bit of conditioner and blow-dry your hair on medium or low heat with a hair-dryer. Once your hair is dry, comb it with a wide-toothed comb to get rid of tangles. In case you didn’t apply conditioner, apply a bit of oil on the scalp to make sure it doesn’t dry up.
  • After three days, again wash your hair with shampoo and get an oil massage before that. Ask your beautician if they have any good protein treatments for the hair to get rid of the chemical effect and restore natural health. If they do, go for that after a week or 10 days. Your hair will bounce and shine like normal again!

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