Black hair looks glorious when you don’t have a few irritating grey hairs sticking out in between. In the article below are some black hair care tips.

Black Hair Care Tips

An ultimate symbol of beauty, the shiny flowing black hair has legions of poets swooning over it. In the east, literature abounds with beautiful princesses with characteristic flowing black hair. Black hair is also given the most importance when it comes to writing songs on beauty. One of the most common problems in black hair is the eruption of the grey strands. Some people color their hair but this is not a permanent solution. It may also be detrimental for the hair condition. Since, prevention is better than cure it is very important that proper care should be taken to maintain healthy black hair. Staying away from chemicals is very necessary for the overall health of the hair. In the article below are tips to take care of black hair.
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How To Take Care Of Black Hair 
  • Wash your hair with shampoos and other hair care products that will add the natural oils in your hair. Go for brands that are specifically made for black hair.
  • Always use a conditioner after shampooing. It is better to use a separate shampoo and conditioner, as two in ones are not suitable for black hair.
  • Instead of rubbing the hair for drying, it is better to press the hair dry, as this is gentler on the hair.
  • Prevent damage to your hair by using a wide toothed comb. Comb as often as you can to increase the blood circulation in the scalp and also to spread the natural oils.
  • Have a regular haircut to prevent the spilt ends.
  • Use, gel, or hair sprays at the root of your hair to give it a lift. Stay away from elastic bands, which can pull and break your hair.
  • Once a month go for a hot oil treatment, which will help the black hair from being brittle. It also acts as a lubricator.
  • Make sure you shield the hair by using a protective product, when you use hot combs or curling tongs.
  • To maintain the moisture balance and help eliminate a dry scalp, use a softening shampoo for braided black hair.
  • Lime is very good for black hair. Wash your hair in limejuice three times a week. Apply the limejuice in the roots of the hair, keep it for ten minutes, and then shampoo it.
  • Apply henna at least once a week. Mix the henna powder in water and keep overnight preferably in an iron vessel. Next day, add one egg white and apply it to the hair and the roots. Keep it for drying. Wash with water once dry. You can also mix curd in the henna if you have dandruff problems.
  • Apply curd on the scalp and leave it for ten minutes. Wash it with a mild shampoo. It nourishes the hair and conditions it.
  • Drink plenty of water and have a healthy balanced diet. Water intake gives the hair the much-needed moisture, which helps in maintaining their natural color. Minimize the stress level and do exercise two to three times a week.

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