Adding highlights to one’s hair can make all the difference between Bashful Betty and Sassy Sue. Here’s how to choose highlights for black hair.

Choosing Highlight Colors For Black Hair

 Every hair care product shows dark haired Indian women, whose hairs bounce with health and volume. Thick, long, and black hair has been considered the sign of beauty in India since time immemorial. Draupadi, the ultimate in beauty and often considered to be the amalgamation of many celestial goddesses, was credited to have hair as long as her calves, which she often braided into a plait as thick as a Kshatriya’s wrist. Ages later, as we enter twenty first century, it seems that black hair has suddenly become boring and does not reflect our personality. Actually, straight, thick, black hair never even did justice to Draupadi’s fiery and feisty personality, but she had no choice whereas we do – the choice is in the form of highlights. Highlights add a much needed ‘wow’ factor to a hair. There are some highlight colors that look excellent on black hair. Read on to know more about highlights for black hair.
How To Choose Highlights Colors For Black Hair 
Here are some colors you could choose from when it comes to highlights for your black or dark hair:
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes 
For all those daring women, who aren’t afraid to create a statement or make heads turn, the color to go with is blonde. The yellow golden streaks will offer a vivid contrast to the darker color that your hair possess naturally. This combination creates a striking look and brings out the personality of someone who is cheerful, gregarious, and outgoing. Those who get these highlights at a beauty salon will have less problems because the beautician will know better as to which shade of blonde – and there are many, to begin with – would look best on your hair and which may not be suitable. If, however, you are doing the highlights at home, all by yourself, then you need to be very careful about how it would look on your hair. Thus, be sure to see on the cover of the pack as to how the color looks. If you find out that the color that it gives will not go with your hair, then you will have to refrain from using it or else the result would not have the same effect.
Paint The Town Red 
Red is another highlight color that brings out the ‘bad girl’ in every girl. Red dyes come in two categories – the reds that have blond undertones and those that have black undertones. As we can all guess, highlights that have a blond undertone would be brighter – perhaps the color of strawberry comes closest to it. On the other hand, highlights with black undertones are darker. One could possibly compare it to the color of cherry. You need to choose which one you want based on how much you would like the streaks to stand out. However, you will come across some shades that actually tend more towards the mauve or purple shades. If you want your hair to look as natural as possible, be sure to steer clear of such shades. The more understated reddish shade can be used to color up to forty percent of your hair.
Make It Natural 
For all those who do not like to attract too much attention, another good restrained color highlight choice for someone with black hair is a brown based highlight. Much like the reddish shades, browns are also divided into darker and lighter tones. Those highlights that come with lots of blond will appear lighter. Brown is another shade that can also be used in larger quantities. A brownish tint adds an understated yet considerably noticeable look to the black hair.  

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