Although eczema can’t be cured completely, there are ways you can hide it to some extent with your makeup. Read on to know makeup tips for eczema.

Makeup For Eczema

Eczema is a skin ailment that affects the whole personality of a person. People affected with eczema are often found to be depressed and often shy away from others. You cannot completely get rid of this skin ailment as no effective treatment has been found yet. However, there are ways you can hide it to some extent and bring back the lost confidence in you. In medical terms, eczema is a condition caused by the reaction in the epidermis, which weakens the keratinocytes, thus making the skin sensitive and vulnerable. The protective layer of the skin is breached and thus the skin becomes exposed. Allergens like formaldehyde, mercury and sometimes even the climatic conditions can be its cause. Though not treatable completely, it can be taken care of, to an extent by keeping your body well hydrated and having a healthy diet. Apart from these, you can also go for some simple makeup by which you can hide your red rashes. Find how to do a makeup without causing much damage to your skin.
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How To Do Make Up For Eczema 
It is not an easy task to put a makeup on a person having eczema, as it needs lot of precautions. Before considering makeup, you need to take care of the cosmetics that you need to use. Try to use cosmetics that have natural ingredients and those, which are noncomedogenic, or those which will not cause acne eruptions or any allergic reaction of any sort. Try to avoid makeup products that have lanolin, propylene glycol, sodium hydroxide, and sodium sulphate. Choose unscented cosmetics and those, which are formulated for sensitive skin. Mineral makeup is one of the best options for people having eczema. Natural, nonirritating makeup can be applied to any type of eczema as long as it is not open or oozing. However, you need to keep the makeup level minimal with just a foundation and an eye makeup. Find out how you can put on a makeup without hurting your skin.
Along with masking the redness, you are also trying to control it in a way by using a foundation. Therefore, don’t waste your money on any foundations that claim about anti-ageing, face lifting or any thing of that sort. The additional ingredients in these makeup products can irritate your skin more and can worsen your eczema. Instead of putting a foundation as wall putty, you can put a thin shade of light green foundation on your face that can hide your red patches to a greater extent. Although applying pale green color might seem like a bad idea, it actually helps in hiding your patched skin and giving it an even tone. Try mixing a little pale green foundation with the moisturizer before you apply the foundation as this can reduce the appearance of the red spots beforehand. For darker skin, you can go for a light yellow-based makeup stick and then carry on with the unscented regular foundation.
Eye Makeup 
The skin around your eyes is usually very sensitive and one needs to take care of the area really carefully. While going for eye makeup, go for water-soluble eye products or otherwise you will end up using harsh makeup removers to clean up, which can again worsen your eczema. Use powdered eye shadow with matte finish for your eye. Avoid pulling on the skin when applying the makeup. Instead, use gentle even strokes with a clean brush to avoid excess irritation.

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