Matching your handbag with your clothes and body type enhances your personality and adds to your style. Explore the article for some useful tips on how to match your purse.

How To Match Your Purse

A matching purse is all about making a definite style statement. For most women, it is difficult to imagine leaving home without a purse as it makes convenient the storage of essential items like loose change, a cell phone, a compact, a comb, a lipstick, keys and many more. However, it is important to combine style and functionality while toting a purse, so that you have the maximum comfort in carrying your essentials and at the same time, your hand bag also adds to your personality. Matching your purse with your clothes and body type is equally important. In case you want to know some useful tips on how to match your purse, read the article.
Tips For Matching Your Handbag
Matching Your Purse With Clothes 
  • Consider the outfits that you wear before picking up the purse. If your clothes have neutral colors, you can match them with a bright handbag to add a dash of color. If you are wearing vivid colors, a basic brown or black bag can be used to tone down the colors. You just have to make sure that all the colors complement each other.
  • If your clothes are in all solid colors, it is better to pick up a patterned purse. You can also try mix and match of patterns, though it can be a little tricky. In case you are going to match a purse with your patterned outfit, make sure that the colors match.
  • Pick the purse that is in proportion to your outfit. Though a giant handbag may look very stylish, it may not go well with a sundress and look like a mismatch. At the same time, functionality should not be compromised for a stylized look. Tiny clutch bags do look cute but you may not be able to pack everything that you need for a day in a very small purse. 
Matching Purse With Your Body Type 
  • Women with a tall and lanky body may want to give the illusion of a curvaceous body. A medium-sized purse with a long shoulder strap hanging the purse to your waist will add the illusion of some curves on your waist area.
  • If you prefer shoulder length bags, go for the ones that indicate to a flattering body location as handbags add bulk to the body frame. If you have large hips, wear a purse that stops at your waist. This will draw the eye upward rather than on your bulky hips. Those who have a thick waist should go for a purse with a longer strap.
  • Women with a top heavy body may want to deflect some attention from their upper portion. Purses with long straps that can be held close to the hips are just perfect to grant more proportion to heavy higher bodies. A giant purse can also nicely balance out a top-heavy body.
  • Those with the perfect and much envied hourglass figure can do with any type of handbag or purse, though they need to factor in how their purse balances out their figure. Ideally, one should go for a hand bag that is proportionate to the body dynamics.

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