A handbag is a style statement. Read this article to know how to select a handbag for a job interview.

How To Select A Handbag For A Job Interview

Interview is one of the most unnerving times for almost all of us. Even though we have prepared everything and twice revised it, the butterflies still hover in our stomach especially for us women. You must have planned for this interview for weeks and taken care of the outfit, shoes, files and everything else. However, one thing which almost always misses our attention is handbag. Although the handbag plays a great role in giving us a smart look and acts as an elegant accessory, we rarely think of them as something very important. Although brands like Fendi, Gucci, and Prada rules the heart of all women, it is confined to the party wear only for most of us. However, you need to understand that a bag is very important part of our daily life too especially the professional life. While a flashy unorganized handbag can give a bad impression on the interviewer, a nice handbag does help in putting a positive impression. It not only helps you carry your wallets and keys, it is also a most professional way to carry your documents for the interview. It will not only be good for functionality but a good bag will help in increasing the glam quotient. So if you are attending an interview in near future, find out what you need to know to select a handbag for a job interview.

Tips For Choosing A Handbag For Job Interview
  • Remember the environment where you plan to work. If it were a fashion magazine where you are applying for the job, then fashionable yet elegant bag would do for you. However, for a formal interview it is always good to stick to the usual standard colored bag.
  • Choose a bag matching your apparel. If you are wearing a black or a navy power suit, you can go for a black or dark blue bag. Your bag should match your shoes, which you have chosen for the interview. You can go for a tanned or a camel leathered purse if you’re wearing a lighter outfit.
  • Make sure that you go for leather, faux or suede for the handbag for interview. Avoid taking silk, satin, sequined or canvas bag to an interview.
  • The bag, which you buy, should be multi-functional. It should have built-in various compartments to carry your documents, keys, phone, and makeup.
  • The bag for the interview should not be flashy and have large zippers, metals and big badges or bows.
  • Choose a bag of a good brand and try going for black, brown, or other standard color.
  • The bag should reflect your professionalism. It should be sleek, slim and simple yet elegant. It should reflect the personality you want to portray to your interviewer.
  • If you are planning to put all the documents in your handbag then make sure that you are aware where everything is. Don’t keep any junk in it and don’t stuff it with too much things.
  • Remember to choose a medium sized bag for your interview. A small sized bag may make you look very large and won’t even be helpful in carrying much stuff.
  • If you are giving an interview for a place where conventionalism rules, then opt for classy handbag.
  • No matter how much vogue are they in, huge sized bag are a no-no for an interview. It just makes you look messy and disorganized.

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