It is easy to learn how to use hair clippers and with some practice, you can even experiment to give different styles to your hair. Explore the article to know some useful tips on using hair clippers.

How To Use Hair Clippers

Learning to know how to use hair clippers will help you save a lot of money. Hair clippers are, especially, helpful for those who have quick hair growth and do not want to visit the beauty salon every month, for trimming. You can also use the hair clippers creatively, to give a different styles and looks to your hair, once you learn how to handle the clippers well. Keeping a mirror in front of you while you cut your hair will be a good idea. Read the article to know some valuable tips on how to safely use hair clippers and get the desired result.
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Using Hair Clippers
Supplies Needed
  • Hair Clipper
  • Small Brush
  • Clipper Oil
  • Spacers
  • Comb
  • Baby Powder
  • The first thing to do before you get started is to clean the cutting blades of the clipper, with a brush. Look for any stray hair left in the clipper and remove it. Use a small brush for this purpose.
  • Put some clipper oil on the blades of the clipper. In order to spread the oil into all the cracks and crevices, turn the blade on for a few seconds. This will enhance the performance of the clippers and prevent any potential damage as well. It is important to maintain your clippers well, if you want to get the most out of them.
  • The next step is to decide the length of hair you want to cut off. Most of the hair clippers have spacers, so that they can be comfortably used. Spacers help you to keep a safe distance from the blade and your head. Attach the spacer to your clipper and run it over your hair. If you are using a one-inch spacer, then after you have moved the clipper on your entire head, the hair will remain one inch in length. Clippers are, particularly, helpful when you want to trim your hair in just a short span of time.
  • A comb should be used while cutting your hair with clippers, in case you are not using the spacers. You can pull your hair and straighten them with the comb, to see how long they are, even as you cut them with the clippers. The comb will also act like a guard between the clipper and your hair, when you begin to cut. Always cut across the length of the comb. To check whether your hair is cut right or not, comb your cut hair and look for the long strands.
  • Now, run the clipper on the closest setting and clean up the areas around your ears, neck and back. Dab some baby powder on your neck, to avoid the burning sensation of a razor. Once you are through, add more oil to the blades, to keep them running for long. 
  • You can also ask someone else to cut your hair, rather than doing it yourself. It can be done fast when someone else is handling it.

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