A little black dress is a girl’s best friend, next only to diamonds. So, while buying the perfect one, keep some basic tips in mind. Read on to know how to buy a perfect little black dress.

How To Buy A Perfect Little Black Dress

Vogue once stated that LBD would become a “sort of uniform for every women of taste”. It may have been said in 1926, but it sure was a great prediction, because today almost all of us have a little black dress in the most important corner of our closet. Fashion may be fickle, but some things never go out of style and a little black dress is one such thing. Coco Chanel’s creation of a LBD in 1920’s became a commandment for the women worldwide. It has become an exemplary staple for all the women since then. The little black dress has been invented and reinvented a million times, since Coco Chanel resurrected it from being a widow’s mourning dress to being a fashion fad. The best part about LBD is that it surpasses time and flatters every body’s shape and size. It makes you look feminine, sleek, and chic and you don’t even have to wait for a special occasion to wear it. You can wear your LBD on all occasions, ranging from a date, to an office party, to a cocktail party i.e. virtually everywhere. Now, which girl wouldn’t want a little black dress? However before you start scouring the souk, read the tips given below and know how to buy a perfect little black dress.
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Buying The Perfect Little Black Dress
Your Body Type
Your dress should flatter your body shape. If you have an hourglass figure, anything will work for you, but if you have flaws like bigger waist or petite figure, go for dresses, which would hide your flaws and accentuate your assets. Make sure that whatever dress you choose, you are comfortable in it. For example, if you are not comfortable wearing low-cut dresses, then buying a plunging neckline LBD will only make you more uncomfortable. Remember that the main accessory is you and not your dress.
Your Assets
Little black dress is all about hogging all the attention. Therefore, whatever asset you feel is worth flaunting, you can buy the dress accordingly. For example, if your legs are long and you hear many compliments for them, a mini LBD will do well. In the same way, you can opt for a backless dress if your back is worth flaunting. However, whatever style you opt for, the dress must be well cut and well fitting.
According To The Style
It is very important that the style of your dress matches the recent fashion statement. An ultra mini won’t look good when minis are out of market. So, play safe and choose a design that suits every trend. Also, make sure that the accessories, which you choose, go with the dress and never in any case, choose very heavy pieces and stuff yourself with accessories. A simple elegant look is the best look.
Follow The 3:1 Ratio
It just means you flaunt one part of your body, while concealing he other ones. Opt for a LBD, which is simple, and create the “IT” statement with only one feature. For example, if you want to flaunt your legs, then opt for a short plain dress, which conceals the other parts of your body well.
Comfort should be your main concern. Unless you are comfortable, you won’t be able to make a statement. So, before you buy the dress, try it on and walk a bit. If the dress is comfortable enough to allow good movement and elegant posture, it is good enough to buy. Opt for a good brand and remember the dresses with lining are always a better option.
Think about the occasions on which you would be wearing the dress. If you plan to wear the dress for casual parties, you can go for strappy or off-shoulder dresses. A sleeveless, knee-length dress would be a good option for an office party.

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