Appearing taller is the wish of most of us. Read on the following article to know how to look taller.

How To Look Taller

Remember in the movie “Sex and the City” how Samantha Jones dates a short guy and eventually dumps him. Actually if you go through the fairy tales, novels or dramas, the attribution, which are given to the protagonists of the plot, are more often, tall, dark, and handsome for men. Women too of the tales are always tall and beautiful like the Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, or even Arial the Little Mermaid. It is always said that beauty lies in the eye of beholders. However more often than not, there are some criteria of beauty, which you need to fulfill in order to be “in”. Being tall is one such standard. However, you cannot control how tall you would be and it largely depends on the genes and various other factors. But just because you are not tall doesn’t mean you have to live your life like the “Ugly Betty”. You can alter this for good and you don’t even have to kiss a frog to do that. You can appear taller with the few tips given below. Read on to know how to appear taller when you are actually not.
Tips For Appearing Taller
  • Posture plays a very important part in making you appear with a good height. Slumped shoulders, bowed back etc makes even a very tall person look shorter not to talk about the actually shorter ones. A good posture provides even physical benefits. Try to stand or sit straight all the time. It will help you look taller and also will help you reduce the negative effects of aging.
  • You can incorporate exercises to help you improve the posture. Do pull-ups and other exercises under the guidance of your instructor. One easy way by which you can improve it is by leaning against the wall. Keeping your head, shoulder, butts and heels in contact with the wall, use your muscle to minimize the space between you and the wall. The gap between you and the walls should be only slight. It will help you improve your posture greatly.
  • Hairstyle too plays an important part in making you appear taller. A short hair cut thin from the sides can make men look taller. An updo for women is a great option. Spiky, bob, and or puffed hair on top will look nice and make you appear taller at the same time.
  • Clothes too play a very important role to make you look taller. Learn from the Hollywood and the Bollywood celebrities. A monochromatic that is, one color pattern for clothing will give the illusion of height. Also, select dresses, which will not break your body into blocks. Big belts, big waisted jeans or very different top and bottom will make you appear shorter. Also always, go for well-tailored dresses. Vertical lines for cloth pattern will also add height for you.
  • You can also wear heels if you want to look taller. Women can go for stilettos, wedges, and even pumps. Guys can wear formal high heels. 
  • You can accessorize for taller appearance. Long earrings, scarves, long pendants, hats and sunglasses also add heights. You can also go for V-neck if you want to add height.
  • Sometimes if you are overweight, you look shorter. Try losing weight as slim gives the illusion of height. However, your attitude matters a lot. Have a cool attitude and loads of self-confidence and you will be “IN” in any situation.

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