Want to sizzle in the next party you attend? How about applying face & body glitter? Go through the tips given in this article and know how to apply glitter to your face and body.

How To Apply Glitter To Your Face And Body

 Are you bored of getting ready for the parties with the same makeup? You don’t want to experiment more with your looks, but if you end up attending one more party with the same look, you would go crazy!! What to do now? The answers to your problem may be available in the form of a little glitter. Applying face and body glitter can not only up your sex-quotient, but also help you hog all the attention in your immediate environment. You would feel like a fairy and even look like Tinker-Bell. So what are you waiting for? Go through the tips given in the lines below and know how to apply glitter to your face and body and get ready to rock the party. 

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Applying Face & Body Glitter 
  • Focus on the look that you want to create and the kind of party you are attending. It will help you decide on the amount as well as the type of glitter you would like to use.
  • Most glitter products come in different varieties. A glitter spray works well for your body and hair, while loose glitter can be dusted on the shoulders and chest. Glitter comes in roll-on and even in gel forms. However, whatever form you take, make sure to invest in a good brand. The glitter should last long, stick better and should be skin-friendly.
  • Check out your skin-tone. If you have a warmer body tone, like that of Lindsay Lohan, Jennifer Lopez, and Paris Hilton, go for gold glitters. However, if you have fall complexion, like that of Drew Barrymore, Madonna, and Reese Witherspoon, then the best bet for you will be silver and silver hued glitter. A safer option between these two will be pearlescent glitter.
  • You need to consider the makeup also. The look, which you want to achieve for the party, should be complimented by the makeup and the makeup should be complimented by the glitter. The outfit, makeup and glitter should all gel together to bring out the beauty in you.
  • Before you apply the makeup, take a warm shower, scrub it with sea salt, apply gel-based body and face mask. Now, apply moisture, followed by all the makeup. Let the moisturizer sink into the skin for ten minutes. Your skin should be completely dry to allow an even spreading of glitter.
  • Apply odor-free glitter on your body as well as face; otherwise it will contradict your perfume. Use the glitter in the accent areas i.e. the highlight areas of your body.
  • Use the glitter is a very little amount and spread it evenly on all the exposed parts of your body. The cheekbones, collarbones, tops of the feet and even the exposed skin bones. Sprinkle it gently and apply it evenly with a powder puff, or with the help of a soft makeup brush.
  • You can apply a little glitter to your face too. In this context, the gel-based glitter is the best option. Take a very little amount on your fingers and gently spread it across your cheekbones. Avoid using it near the eyes.

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