Tired of your plain French manicured nails? Go for the glitter acrylic nails and add the glamour element to your persona. Read on to know how to style this nail art.

Glitter Acrylic Nails

If you are a victim of the chipped nail syndrome or your nails are lifeless and brittle, do not worry. The artificial or acrylic nails available in the market can prove to be your savior. Acrylic nails are nothing, but fake nails added either to the nail tips or to the entire nail lamina. They look elegant and sophisticated, so much so that they have become an essential part of the manicure regimen for most women. Moreover, if nail art amuses you enough, acrylic nails are a must. With a spurt of acrylic nail art designs in the market, all you need to do is visit a beauty salon and get a nail makeover done. The most sought-after style these days is the glitter acrylic nails. Women either go for glitter tip acrylic nails or total glitter ones. Glitter acrylic French manicured art is another rage in this segment of fashion.
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Types Of Glitter Acrylic Nail
There are a variety of glitter acrylic nail art graphics you can use to add the glamour element to your fingertips. You have an option of using acrylic glitter powder available in the market in various colors, hues and textures. Besides, there is an array of ready-to-use glitter accessories as well as acrylic glitter nails. Whether you wish to adorn your nails with artificial stones and pearls, which are in perfect sync with your costume, or you want glittered star-studded nails, it is your choice. For the more adventurous ones, 3D cartoon characters are quite popular. These acrylic nails can be purchased from any cosmetic shop. Prices would vary as per the complexity of the designs. However, if you are a new entrant in the field of nail art, you would want to go with simple designs first and not splurge your hard-earned moolah in a salon. Try creating your very own glitter acrylic nails at home. This is how you should go about with it.
How To Style Glitter Acrylic Nails
  • For this particular acrylic nail art experiment, first purchase plain or white acrylic nails which would serve as a base. You would also require a basic crystal rose pink acrylic glitter powder, a violet monomer, an acrylic brush and a topcoat. You can easily find them in any beauty shop near your place.
  • Now dip the acrylic brush into the violet monomer. Wipe out the excess monomer neatly just in case it is dripping from the brush.  
  • Slowly and carefully dip the tip of the wet acrylic brush in the crystal rose pink glitter powder. Remember to pick up only a small ball of glitter.
  • Neatly place the small glitter ball on the tip of the acrylic nail and flatten it in a straight horizontal line in a single stroke.
  • Now, it is time to cover the entire tip of the nail with glitter powder. Add as much glitter as required and make sure that you make a ‘deep smile’ line on the nail tip. Moreover, keep the tip of the nail as thin as possible since it has to be capped with clear acrylic.
  • Once you are done with this, coat the entire nail with the clear acrylic and lend a finishing touch by buffing it smooth. Let it dry and then apply your favorite topcoat over it smoothly.
  • Always keep in mind that filing nails can scuff the glitter and reduce its shine too. So, shape and buff your nails first before beginning the process of applying glitter to your acrylic nails.
  • Once you are confident as to how to add glitter on acrylic nails, you can then go on to make numerous creative patterns. Let your imagination soar high and you can do wonders with your 'Plain Jane' nails.

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