Acrylic nails may be your way to spunky gorgeous nails. Nevertheless, removing them can be quite a bet. Here is how you can remove acrylic nails all by yourself.

Removing Acrylic Nails

Love to primp your talons but afraid of your frayed cuticles and under grown nails? If yes, than acrylic nails are possibly the best answer to get gorgeous spunky nails without having to worry about chafed claws. Get style at your finger tips with funky nail colors and cool nail art without having to pine over that perfect look with acrylic nails. They look extremely cool and can be jazzed up as per your fashion quotient! The only hitch here is getting rid of them later. While acrylic nails are smart fashion alternatives to broken, weak and yellow nails, getting them off at a salon can cost you a bomb. However, tugging off your artificial nails at home without proper knowledge can create a different kind of disaster altogether. In that case, updating yourself on how to remove acrylic nails without blowing away big bucks at a pricey salon can save your nails and wallet too. Here is how you can remove acrylic nails at home. Read on and get styling.
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How To Remove Acrylic Nails
  • As they say, like all good things even your gorgeous acrylic nails should come to an end. Getting rid of acrylic nails does entail some effort and a comfortable space where you can sit and get over with the task. A kitchen table top should be fine. Just grab old newspapers or plastic sheets and spread them out on your kitchen top to save it from acetone spills.
  • Keep the supplies handy. Get all the things you will need and spread them out over a table in front of you lest you have to search for the cotton balls or buffer at the very last minute. Don’t forget to clip your talons as short as possible to make the nail removal easier. Also, file away all traces of gel or top coat from your acrylic nails using a filer.
  • Fill a glass bowl with pure acetone and keep aside. Acetone will help to relax the grip of acrylic nail to your original talons. It will thaw the glue and make the process of nail detachment easy.
  • Take a generous amount of petroleum jelly and rub it on your fingers and nails. Now dunk your fingers into the acetone bowl. Make sure that your nails are completely doused in the solution. Keep your fingers immersed for 15-20 minutes. The acetone will relax the glue while petroleum jelly will save your skin from the harsh effects of acetone.
  • Remove your fingers from the bowl and gently peel off the acrylic nails. They should come off easily. However, if they fail to come off easily, douse your hand in acetone for 10 more minutes and try peeling them again. Never be harsh in your efforts as any force can damage the original nails. To remove excess glue from nails, use a nail buffer. Lightly buff the edges so as to not to damage the nails.
  • After you have removed the artificial nails, rinse your hands with a soapy solution to remove every trace of petroleum jelly and acetone from your nails and skin. Pat your hands dry and gently massage them with olive oil or any other hand cream. Massaging your hand will diminish the dryness from acetone.
  • If you do not wish to douse your hand into an acetone solution, you can use cotton balls soaked in pure acetone to get rid of the glue. Just take ten cotton balls dipped in acetone and place them on your nails. Wrap each finger with foil wraps and leave on for 20 minutes. Remove the foil and cotton and tug out the acrylic nail and wash your hands carefully. And yes, don’t forget to massage your hands with olive oil for a supple effect thereafter.

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