It is essential to touch up to your makeup so that it sustains throughout the day. Read the article for some useful tips on how to give touch up to your makeup.

How To Touch Up Your Makeup

Giving touch up to your makeup is a real art. Done in the right way, it can make even an extremely busy and frazzled professional woman look as fresh and beautiful as the morning dew. Your make-up will obviously fail to stay for the entire day. Even the best and most neatly applied make-up will start wearing out as the day progresses. Therefore, it becomes important to give touch ups to your makeup whenever the first signs of fading begin to appear. The article brings you some very useful tips on how to touch up your makeup. Read on and know what it takes to look beautiful throughout the day.
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Touch Up Tips for Makeup 
  • For those who have oily skin, it is essential to clean away the extra oil by using a tissue paper or face-blotting papers which are easily available in the market in a number of varieties. Perm endpapers can also help in the absence of face blotting papers.
  • Remove all of your lipstick so that you can reapply after touching up your face make-up. Lipstick can spread while doing touchup on your face.
  • Once you have removed the extra oil from your face, smooth out your foundation, blush and contour by using a fresh sponge. A soft buffing motion should be used. As you go about with the sponge on your face, ensure that you smooth things up.
  • If the under eye area looks a bit dark, apply some extra concealer under your eyes.
  • If more foundation is required over blemishes or discoloration on your face, apply it at this stage while avoiding the blush and contour area.
  • Apply a light layer of pressed powder on your face. A pressed powder which also offers sun protection will be the best if you’ll have to go out anytime, later in the day.
  • You can avoid more blush and contour to your face, if it is really required. It’s advisable though, to not use them if there is no real necessity.
  • If your eyeliner has smeared underneath your eyes and you want to give it a touch up, use a powdered shadow instead of a pencil. Use the corner of your sponge to clear off the smeared eyeliner.
  • In case your eye shadow has formed creases, use a blotting paper to gently blot that area and smooth out the color using a brush. Even out the area by using a powder and put the color that is needed to make your eye shadows look balanced.  
  • Finally, you can reapply your lipstick and lip liner in the end. 
Other Tips 
  • If your eye makeup has faded by lunch time, try using eyeliner instead of an eye shadow because it lasts long.
  • Blotting papers are expensive. They can be substituted with endpapers which the hair stylists use for perms. They are easily available at any of the beauty salons.

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