Choosing the right wedding dress is one of the most important tasks in planning a wedding. Go through the article to find different tips for choosing your perfect wedding dress.

Choosing The Right Wedding Dress

Tried on many wedding dresses, but just unable to find that ‘The Perfect One’? Perhaps, this is the most common question prompted by almost every would-be bride. Since wedding dresses are said to be the icing on the cake for every wedding ceremony, it becomes all the more important to choose one that is extraordinary and classy to look at. Choosing the right wedding dress requires oodles of patience and dollops of diligence. While every bride romanticizes to appear like an angel on her special day, the dress should be one that suits her best. Remember, fabrics, style and measurements influence the style of a wedding dress. The choice should be such that the dress complements your body type, bringing out the best in you. Read on further to find various tips on choosing your perfect wedding dress.
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Tips For Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Dress
Concentrate On The Real You
Be realistic and do not aim for what a celebrity looks like on her wedding day. Since the big day is meant to be a celebration of 'your' love for one another, do not set your goals too close to the moon. Think what fabrics you normally wear, what colors suit you and what styles flatter your figure. While choosing your wedding dress, consider what kind of ceremony and theme you are looking to create - traditional or relaxed, formal or informal.
Gone are the days when wedding dress meant white flowy gowns! Today, the scenario is fast changing as to be brides are opting for other colors as well for their wedding gowns. Colors like cream, pale gold, pale blue, pale pink and red are becoming increasingly popular. Darker shades, such as burgundy and green are also being considered. Go for a color that flatters your complexion or one that is most dear to you.
Right Style For Your Shape
Choosing the right kind of dress that flatters your shape can make a huge difference on how you look. Moreover, it will act as a confidence booster. Trying on different styles not only wastes your time, but also leaves you depressed. Who knows you might end up selecting a wrong dress, thanks to the confusion created. Hence, to sort the confusion and resolve the matter as to which style suits your personality, we have listed below certain points. Read them and know which style would best suit your body type.
  • In case you are tall and thin, a ball gown with a strapless, fitter bodice would be perfect. Choose a dress with a higher neckline that is long and fitted, if you have bony shoulders or collar bones. If you are too lean, try some delicate detailed embroidery or beading.
  • If you are short with a fuller, feminine figure, try out an empire dress with a seam under the bust line in the right fabric. This will allow the dress to flow instead of clinging to your body. Although you can go for a knee length dress, a longer one will add height and give you a taller silhouette.
  • For those with a full bust, selecting a dress with a long bodice or cowl neck would be a great option. It would help divert attention from your full bust. Avoid dresses with narrow waistlines and low necklines. You can opt for a detailed hem if you wish to add something on the top.
  • Draw attention away from the full or wide hips by going for ball gown styles in simple fabrics. Princess styles with top fitting and slight flare also help to disguise large hips. Avoid tight styles around the hips, bustles and ruffles or tiered dresses.
  • Brides with a thick waist can hide their wide waist by donning a boned corset or wearing a jacket that falls just below the waistline. Do not go for ballerina styles.
  • In case you have wide shoulders, you can narrow it down by using wide straps or covering them up completely. Go for a V-neckline or wear a sheer wrap to soften the wideness. Puffed sleeves are a big no.

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