Does the hair on your chest resemble a thick forest? Are you sometimes embarrassed by it? Don’t fret, read on how to get rid of chest hair.

How To Get Rid Of Chest Hair

Sometimes, the first thing a woman notices on a man is the hair on his chest. Most women love their men with a little hair on their chests, but a man who looks like he’s wearing a thick, black, woolen sweater when he takes his shirt off or has copious amounts of hair peeping out of his shirt is a complete turn off for any woman. Chest hair is the hair that grows on the chest of human males; it usually grows in the region between the neck and the abdomen. Chest hair develops during and after the stages of puberty and is basically a secondary sex characteristic. Sometimes the growth of hair on the chest of a man can go out of control and can start to look like the rainforests of the Amazon basin. This is when the task of getting rid of chest hair comes into consideration. Do you plan to getting rid of the ‘foliage’ on your chest? Make a move, read on safe and secure ways to get rid of your chest hair.
Getting Rid Of Chest Hair 
  • Wax your chest. There are two ways to go about this, you can either buy yourself a home waxing kit and get started on removing the hair on your chest. Or you can seek out a professional. Either way, you’re going to get rid of your chest hair. The advantage of waxing is that the hair takes longer to grow back when your chest has been waxed instead of shaved. However, waxing your chest goes hand in hand with a lot of pain.
  • Use tweezers to do away with your chest hair. A pair of high-quality tweezers can see you accomplish this task. Employ this method if the hair on your chest is not too much, this is because if the hairs on your chest are one too many, the task of plucking them out can be both painful and time-consuming.
  • A hair removing lotion is another option. Applying depilatory lotions on your chest is a painless method of removing the hair on your chest, but before you do so, as a precautionary measure; apply the lotion on a small area of your skin to test for any adverse reactions. Depilatory lotions eat at the hair and dissolve it at the surface of the skin, so, opt for this method of hair removal if you want to get rid of your chest hair sans the pain. 
  • Shave the hair off your chest; use a new razor when opting for this method. It is advisable to use a shaving cream when shaving off chest hair and doing the same after a shower, this is because your skin is moisturized and soft after a shower. Be wary too, you don’t want to end up with razor cuts all over your chest.
  • For a long-term option, consider the removal of chest hair via lasers. Laser hair removal can permanently reduce the hair on your chests. The laser light aims at the pigments in your hair and is capable of making your hair follicles dormant. Hair on your chest can be removed in one session, and it’s best if the hair is treated with lasers during its growth stages. However, sometimes it may take more than one session to get all the hair off your chest.
  • Electrolysis is a method of hair removal where an expert inserts a needle into each and every hair follicle and zaps it with electricity. This ‘zap of electricity’ kills the hair follicle. Sounds painful? Yes, it is, but the pain is a small price to pay to permanent rid of the hair on your chest. It can take more than a single session to get a hair-free chest as it all depends on the amount of hair on your chest.

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