Spring is in the air and it’s time to enjoy the sunshine and strike a pose. Read on for more on haute spring fashions for women.

Spring Fashions For Women

It’s spring fashion fervor once again! Spring just makes your heart ache in yearning to tear open the cocoon of bleak winter colors and spread out your newfound colorful wings and flutter in glory in the rays of the golden sunshine. With the start of spring season, it’s time to refresh your wardrobe and show off your beautiful skin which you have been hiding away under layers of wraps. This spring fashion has gone oxymoronic. It’s about mixing the outrageous with the elegant, the old with the new. It’s about chic and sensual looks paired with sporty and delicate styles. 2010-spring season has something for every fashion loving women. It’s been inspired by the colors of spring and also the latest hit flicks of the season. So sit back and enjoy the cool and the vibrant, the shimmering and the glittering, the bubbly and the wispy, the neutrals and the classics, the florals and the plaids, the dazzling metallics and the ruffles. Brighten up your wardrobe and steal the show this spring with haute tips right here on spring fashions for women. 
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Spring Fashion Trends 2010 For Women
Get gorgeous and look exotic this spring with this haute collection of latest trends, must haves, and much more. 

This year’s spring fashion trend has something for every woman. 

  • It’s about exotic floral prints and fruity colors.
  •  It has also seen the resurrection of the dazzling metallic’s of the 80’s. In addition, the faded, patched, and torn denim has made a comeback in a big way as has the grunge dress and checks.
  • Jumpsuits, sheer fabrics, hot shorts, boy pants, tap pants, blazers, and vests are also ‘in’.
  • Heavy prints with bold geometric patterns and animal prints are especially hot this spring.
  • Stripes are there but not in their usual form. Maybe you can expect stripes to take on the optical illusion feel.
  • This spring let your legs speak, don hot pants and boy shorts. You may team them up with knee high socks, or leggings for unexpected sweetness to contrast with the super-sexy look.
  • Blazers and vests are still around but are now officially worn with shorts.
  • Fishtail style tee shirts, blouses, and tunics are creating a big storm.
  • Feathered look is making its presence felt in mini-skirts and tiny dresses. However, don’t make it theatrical. Keep it simple and wear it with a neutral top.
  • Denims have made a comeback in a big way whether it is denim jackets making a peek-a-boo from underneath leather jackets and oversized blazers or ripped, torn and patched denim pants.
  • The military and the tribal trends with their unequivocally fearless colors, patterns, and creativity are creating a rage.
  • This spring the skin gets a bit more revealing with sheer fabrics making their presence felt in a big way.
  • Sportswear has been redefined to give a whole new cool definition this season. Inspired by football they are hitting the streets like never before.


The Blue Hues
Tropical Turquoise – This cool and vibrant blue green color evokes feelings of calm ocean waters and tranquil beach vacations and is a hot favorite this season.
Lavender - The royal purple has given way to a softer lighter, feminine, romantic, and slightly mystical lavender hue. It is a distinctive addition to any wardrobe and lends a romantic feel to the warm palette. 

The Yellow Hues

Aurora - Shimmering, slightly greenish yellow, it adds zest and energy in any outfit.
Fusion Coral –This uplifting fruity lemon is very warm, provocative, and very inviting.
Super Lemon – It is luminous and gives a feel of the incandescent. 

The Red Hues
Fuchsia Red - It’s vibrant yet seductive, powerful and robust yet fresh and dazzling.
Tomato Puree - It is this season’s classic red.
Salmon Rose - The soft salmon rose is flattering to any complexion and always gives it a healthy warm glow.
Pink Champagne - The delicate, wispy tint and bubbly luxury of pink champagne is the newest neutral this season. 

The Green Hues

Vibrant Green - It’s mossy, and vibrantly fresh.
Dark Citron - A serene, almost olive color tone which induces a feeling of coolness.
Lucite Green - a sparkling, restrained, soft green which adds a slight glitter.
Must Haves 
The must haves this spring are printed floral printed dresses, accessories, and scarves; lacy leggings, shorter than short hot pants, razzle-dazzle of metallic, ruffles, and sequins. Trendy, glitzy sequin-covered dress, evening gowns with flattering fits, one-shoulder evening gowns, and evening gowns with plenty of ruffles and not to forget the fun-filled Disney’s new Alice in Wonderland’s fashion, jewelry and accessories are a rage this season. As for the denim, just let your creativity loose and do some handwork on your old pair of jeans to give it a hot torn, patched, and ripped makeover this season.
Just go extravagant on your shoes. Show off the heels, widgets, platforms, sandals and flats just the way you like. Plastic or chiffon detailing or for that matter anything that would give your shoes a transparent look are sexy tips of this season. Embellishments like heavy buckles, bows, fringes, feathers, jewels or petals in shoes are also hot property. Match shoes with designer handbags to give yourself a perfect look. Hair accessories are also here like never before this spring.
So get dressed, get trendy, and get the look of the season!

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