Picking spring makeup will not be difficult for you after you read our article. Go through the tips given here and know how to pick spring makeup.

How To Pick Spring Makeup

Spring is truly the most amazing season of the year. New leaves, fresh flowers and soothing breeze, everything welcomes the new season with both hands. Everything looks bright and beautiful. Spring is also the time to smarten up your image. Eat healthy and incorporate exercise in your daily routine, as there is nothing better than great skin. As for the makeup, the best way is to go nude this season. However, sometimes it’s essential to go the ramp route, in order to sizzle in your surroundings. Read on to how to pick spring makeup and change yourself from a simple chic, to a glamorous gal.
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Makeup Tips For The Spring 
  • It’s the time to come out of the cocoon of woolen clothes. If you want to go out all bare, this season is your best bet. However, you need to take care of the skin, which has gone all rough, dry and cracked, because of the harsh and cold winter. And you need to salvage it before you put on any makeup. To remove the dead cells and renew your skin, use a facial scrub. Invest in a good quality exfoliate, with essential elements like vitamin A.
  • You must have been using a deep moisturizer till now. However, now you need to move over to a light moisturizer, since the dry season is over. Still, do make sure that SPF is an essential constituent of your moisturizer.
  • In the spring season, the earthy look is. So, if you want to try out something new for your eye shadows, opt for green color. However, instead of darker shades of green, go for fresh leaf color. You can also use pear green hue for your eyeliner.
  • Spring is the best season to experiment with different shades of purple, lavender, lilac, and plum. If you are going out for a day party, the soft shades of any of the above hues will be a sensible choice. You can also use them for lips and blush.
  • One more thing, which is a must-have in spring season, is the flower power. The garden-kissed face is a trend of the season and you should opt for light pale pink shades, dogwood petal color, etc.
  • Mascara is an essential in the spring season, as it gives the eyes a fresh and open look. Apply two to three coats of mascara; however make sure it looks natural.
  • Make blush a must-have this spring season. It peps up the look instantly and gives you a fresh and young appearance. Different shades of pink are the safest as well as the best options for blush. If you have pale complexion, lighter shades of pink are for you. Dark pink tints compliment women with darker skin tones.
  • Generally, tanned skin doesn’t need foundation in spring. However, if you want to even out the skin tone, go for a lightweight foundation. A luminous foundation will be a good choice for your spring makeup.
  • Coral is in vogue this spring season. But, instead of its neon shades, go for softer and glossier versions. You can also go for a coral blush, as it gives a very fresh and healthy look and can be worn sans makeup as well.
  • If spring makeup is too little for you and you want to go for something bold, red hued lipstick, as that of Scarlet Johansson, will be the best bet. However, if you are opting for red lipstick, you need to go nude with cheeks and eyes.

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