It will not be difficult for you to choose your makeup for summers, after you have read this article. Go through the tips given here and know how to pick summer make up.

How To Pick Summer Make Up

The time of hiding behind woolen clothes is over. With this, the time to realize fantasies of big sunglasses, with even bigger hats, with cute sundresses has come. How much hot the season is, you need to look hotter. Going bare is what summer is all about, makeup or otherwise. However chic you may be, summer asks for loads of attitude and a little tricky makeup. Read on to know the makeup tips, which you need to keep in mind to beat the heat and look fresh and beautiful all summer long. You will find a lot of tips on how to pick summer make up.
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Tips To Choose Makeup For Summer
Light Shades For Eye Shadows
The lighter shades you go for the summer make up, the fresher and brighter you will look. So, ditch your darker shades this season and go for baby pink, aqua blue, peach, sliver, and oranges for eye shadows. First use a pressed powder on the eyes and then give a quick sweep of the shadow, to give light to your eyes.
Make Up With Sun Protection
It is a must for summer. Whatever make up you choose, the base should always contain sun block or sunscreen. Go for a broad spectrum SPF 30 or anything, which your dermatologist suggests. Apply it thirty minutes before you go out in the sun. Drinking lots of water and keeping yourself hydrated will keep you cool in summer.
Mascara & Eye Liner
Sweat can spoil your looks completely in summers and its most direct effect will be on your mascara and liner. So, go for waterproof ones. You can even toss the mascara to your closet, if you have naturally long eyelashes. In case you want to use it, one coat would be enough, as spidery lashes are just so passé.
Smart Foundation & Tinted Moisturizer
The best bet would be to chuck the foundation altogether. However, if you have blemishes on your skin, go for a waterproof concealer instead. You can also opt for loose powder. The best alternative will be a tinted moisturizer. Apply a tinted moisturizer to your slightly damp face and tone it all over, with your fingers. After the moisturizer has been absorbed in your skin, take a little loose powder and dust it on your face, with a powder brush.
Lip Care
Heavy lipsticks are not for summers. Use lip balm and lip gloss for your lips instead. You can also use a light lip liner and fill it with lip balm, to give your lips a simple yet sexy look. Go for rosy pink and other light shades of pink for your lips. However, if you want to go all out and bold, then a dark red lipstick with a nude eye makeup will do for a night party. Stick to the gloss for day parties.
Less Is More
Nothing is worse than going out with tons of make up, on a summer day. You may know how to apply makeup, but for summers, you need to go subtle and simple. Short hairstyle is the best option for smart, sensible, and chic look. However if you don’t want to part with your tresses, keep them tied for summers. Go for light fabric like cotton, in soothing colors.

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