Does your lipstick bleed from your lips, every time you apply it? If yes, then know how to prevent your lipstick from bleeding, with the tips given in the article.

How To Prevent Bleeding Lipstick

There are many women who complain that their lipstick bleeds every time they apply it on their lips. They feel embarrassed to slip into the washroom, right after eating or drinking anything, just because their lipstick seeps beyond their lips and leaves an ugly mark around their mouth. While resorting to the drier variants of glossy and creamy lipsticks is the first thing to do, you might suffer from the problem even after doing so. Therefore, the best bet would be to treat your lips before applying the lipstick, in such a way that your lipstick doesn't bleed and stays put or a long time. Go through the instructions given in the article and learn how to prevent bleeding lipstick.
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Prevent Lipstick From Bleeding
  • Before applying any lip makeup, prime your lips, so that the lipstick does not bleed and stays put for a long time. A light colored liquid foundation would be the best bet. Apply a few drops of the chosen foundation on your lips. Spread the foundation evenly on your lips and leave it as such for a minute, so that it dries completely. The liquid foundation would fill in the tiny creases around your lips, from where the lipstick usually comes out.
  • After applying the foundation, dab your lips with a very little quantity of translucent face powder. This would seal the foundation into your lips, so that your lips become perfect for the application of makeup.
  • Now, it is the time to apply lipstick on your lips. To begin with, outline your lips with a lip liner, which may be one or two shades darker than your lipstick. You can also make use of the same shade for both lipstick and lip liner. The basic use of the lip liner is not only to outline and highlight the shape of your lips, but also to keep the color right on your lips, where it should be.
  • Finally, it is the time to apply the lipstick. Instead of applying the lipstick directly on your lips, make use of a makeup brush for the purpose. Ensure that you fill the lipstick exactly within the borders created by your lip liner. Allow the lipstick to set on your lips for sometime.
  • Avoid creamy or glossy lipsticks, because they tend to bleed very often. Rather, go for matte lipsticks, which stay longer.
  • Make use of a waterproof lipstick, because it would not transfer onto other surfaces (rim of your teacup, glass surface, etc) or vanish away whenever your drink or eat anything.
  • You may make use of lip balm as an alternative to lipstick, in case even matte lipstick bleeds.
  • Carry a liquid foundation, a couple of cotton swabs (to wipe the lipstick if it bleeds) and translucent powder in your purse. The next time your lipstick bleeds, you will be ready with all the supplies, to put fresh makeup on your lips.
  • Make sure that you not just dab the powder on your lips, but distribute it evenly on your lips.

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