Applying lipstick that lasts may not be as easy as you may think. Browse through this article for instructions on applying lipstick that lasts.

How To Apply Lipstick That Lasts

You apply lipstick every morning and head out to work. However, within an hour after applying lipstick you notice that your lips look like they could do with more lipstick! How does this happen? You’re clueless! Don’t worry yourself sick. There really is a path to get you out of your predicaments. As far as lipstick goes, it’s all about applying it a certain way. You can use the best lipstick, but if you’re not going to follow the right steps, you’re going to mostly have lips that always look like they could do with some color. Some people have the habit of just dabbing on some lipstick and rushing out to wherever. This is the biggest sin against the art of applying lipstick. Lipstick by itself has this tendency to come off easily and not applying it ‘systematically’ will only ruin the purpose of applying lipstick. Read on to know more on applying lipstick that lasts. 
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Applying Lipstick That Lasts 

  • Finish applying makeup all over the face before starting off with your lipstick. This is as good as the basic and most important rule of applying lipstick that lasts. Applying lipstick before you’re done with the rest of your face may cause the lipstick to smudge or look untidy. This is exactly why most women apply lipstick only after they’re done with the rest of the face. Some women even apply lipstick right before they step out. This is done to show off lips that look as fresh as flowers.
  • Zero in on a lipstick color or shade of lipstick that complements your overall look and skin tone. Basically, use a lipstick that goes well with your makeup and the color of your skin. Choosing a lipstick shade that complements the natural color of your lips is the way to go. Satin and glossy finish lipsticks are best for glamorous evenings or night outs. Matte lipsticks give you that muted finish to throw filtered rays of light on your workday or regular makeup.
  • The best way to have your lipstick last for long is by treating your lips with moisture. Start off the process by applying a small amount of petroleum jelly or lip balm. This helps give your lips much needed moisture and will also help lipstick last longer.
  • You will need a lip liner for this step. Take the lip liner and draw a thin line around the edge of your lips. The line should be only one shade darker than your lipstick. Any darker and your lips will literally look like they have been drawn onto your face. Start at the centre of the upper lip and draw away from the starting point. Focus more within the edges of the lips to stress less on thicker lips and focus more on the outer edges to highlight thinner lips. Subtlety and a steady hand is what are important here.
  • Proceed to apply your chosen shade of lipstick from the tube. You can also use a small and effective lipstick brush. Apply the lipstick within the outlines of your lips. Make sure that you apply the lipstick evenly and try not to stray away from the edges of your lips. You will need a steady hand for this step too.
  • If at all there is any excess color on your lips, you can always blot out the same to get to a look of perfection.

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