Give your Tuxedo a killing appearance by sporting the right accessories with it. Read the article to explore the best Tuxedo suit accessory ideas.

Tuxedo Accessories

Tuxedo is basically a dress code for semi-formal events, which is known by the name of 'dinner jacket' in Britain, 'smoking' in France, Italy and Germany and 'tuxedo' in Canada and the US. Mostly black in color, it has to be worn with a few accessories to make that killing statement. Accessories add the much-desired final touch to any apparel and when you are wearing a tuxedo, rest assured that they would up its appeal by a few notches. Do you want to give the perfect Tuxedo appearance? If yes, then go through the following lines, where we have given is a list of tuxedo accessories that would make you look simply superb.
Tuxedo Suit Accessory Ideas
Tuxedo Shoes
Ordinary shoes can spoil the entire look of an elegant tuxedo. The refined and stylish look of a tuxedo needs to be matched with equally classy shoes. The lace-up style and the "slip-on" type are the two types of shoes that suit the Tuxedo look perfectly. Give a flawless shine to your shoes with a high gloss polish. You can choose any of the two based on your preference. If you don’t want to buy costly leather shoes, go for the ones that come with a PVC coating. However, remember that they can be a little uncomfortable to wear, as they don’t breathe easily due to the thick layer of coat.
Bow Ties
A classic bow tie adds to the overall appeal of a tuxedo. With a tuxedo suit, the tie has to be jet black in color. It should measure approximately 2.5 inches in breadth. Though clip-on bow ties are easily available and are also convenient to wear, a tuxedo looks great with a self made tie-knot. It is desirable to have a bow tie, with a silk fabric for a smooth drape and shine.
Cummerbunds & Waist-Coats
Cummerbunds and waist-coats are not a necessarily, but they surely add a nice modish touch to your tuxedo suit. However, the two can’t be worn at the same time. So, you will have to choose between the two, if you decide to go with the look. Black is the traditional color for vests and cummerbunds. Make sure that the pleats of the cummerbund are upward facing, in case you wear one.
Tuxedo Shirts
There are two types of tuxedo dress shirts to choose from: Wing-Collar shirts and Flip-Over Collar shirts. In a wing-collared shirt, the collars are folded down, to give the wing-tip look. On the other hand, the flip-over collar shirts are worn with cufflinks and pleats at the front. Flip over collars go well with a regular dress shirt as well. The wing collared shirts can be slightly uncomfortable to wear for longer events, as they can be itchy on the neck. You can take your pick from the two, depending upon your personal preference and the duration of the event.
Cufflinks & Pocket Squares
A tuxedo cannot look complete without cufflinks. Since almost all tuxedo dress shirts have French cuffs, you are not left with much of an option anyways. You can choose either solid silver or solid gold cufflinks for your tuxedo. Match the solid gold cufflinks with a golden watch for a meticulously worked out look. In order to get that ultra-stylish look, wear a white silk pocket square in the breast pocket of your tuxedo. You are ready to sport your tuxedo look with great panache.

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