Do you want to know how to pack a suit, in a way that there are minimum wrinkles? If yes, then go through the following lines and explore the best way to pack a suit in suitcase.

How To Pack A Suit

Whether you go out of station for attending a marriage or for a business meeting, it becomes essential to carry a suit with you. However, packing a suit wreaks havoc on its ironing, resulting in the formation of a lot of wrinkles. The wrinkles, though not completely avoided, can be reduced to quite an extent, if you pack your suit properly. Definitely, you would not like to see your suit in a crumbled form when you take it out from the suitcase. Besides, ironing is a tough and boring job to be done over and over again. Another advantage of packing a suit in a proper manner is that it will help to fit the suit in the minimum space, thereby enabling the packing of more clothes into the suitcase. In the following lines, we bring you some helpful tips to fold your suit in a suitcase. Go through them and know how to pack a suit in the best way.
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Best Way To Pack A Suit In Suitcase 
  • Take out your suitcase and clean it well. Now, get your suit from the cupboard, removing it from the hangar.
  • Lay the coat flat in your suitcase, while making sure that its collar is touching the backside of the suitcase and the bottom half is hanging over.
  • Fold in the arms of the coat, just like you do for a shirt, and place them flat against the breast of the suit. The sleeves should touch each other.
  • Now is the time to place the pants in the suitcase. Place them on top of the coat.
  • Fold the pants, in the same way that you follow while hanging them.
  • Lay the pants the opposite way in the suitcase. The top parts of the pants' waist should touch the right sleeve edge and side of the suitcase.
  • Next, you will be required to fold the bottom half of the coat, hanging over till now, half up over the pants.
  • By this time, your coat will be completely inside the suitcase, while half your pants would be hanging outside.
  • Finally, fold up the bottom half of the suit pants, over the top of the coat, in a way that it lays flat on top of the coat.
  • Your suit has been properly packed in a suitcase. Take it out of the suitcase as soon as your reach your destination and hang it, with the help of a hangar.
  • Carrying a heavy suitcase when you are on a tour can be a great menace. So, be judicious in the selection of clothes which will be going with you.
  • Choose a basic color scheme and put those suits that can go with maximum other clothes. Remember that this is your suitcase and not your closet. So, you need not carry all your clothes.
  • Ladies can carry skirt, instead of pants, if they wish. They need to fold the skirt and put it in the middle exactly the way they did with the pants.

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