Much as we love to possess designer accessories, we may have to be careful enough to be able to know how to spot a fake one.

How To Recognize Fake Designer Accessories

Designer and branded items are a fashion statement – and a status symbol too. Those who have the money to throw as well as the knowledge of how Gucci is more reliable brand as compared to Tommy Hilfiger and how Versace is more value for money as compared to Louis Vuitton, make their most important investments not in investment banks but at the nearest ‘brand factory’ outlet. However, even those people may not be able to tell the difference between a fake branded accessory and a real one. It takes caution and attention to details to be able to spot the fake ones. All one needs is observation, caution and a few guidelines to be kept in mind.
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Spotting Fake Designer Accessories
Here are some tips to be able to recognize a fake designer accessory, especially handbags, sunglasses, wallets and even perfumes and shoes.
  • If the deal that you have been offered is too good to be true – that is, if you are getting something for less than three fourths of the price that it deserves – know that the person is trying to fool you. This is, in fact, the easiest way to check and can almost be called a ‘thumb rule’.
  • The first surefire test is to check the label. If it is misspelt, you are being shown a fake one. Many manufacturers of fake items know that the eye plays tricks on us and they use that to fool people into thinking they are being sold the authentic designer label. If, instead of Reebok, with two E’s, it has only one E, do not go for it.
  • Those that are authentic will be made of superior quality materials, that will be tough and yet attractive. Many designer handbags even have the brand logo embossed on the inner lining – most of which is made from high quality satin. 
Apart from the usual tests on labels, check the stitching and other hardware like its zippers, which will be less durable in case of fake ones. Take a closer look at the stitches and the seam line. Designer labels undergo severe tests for their quality and will have an even and freely flowing seam. The stitches are all of the same size and follow a straight line effortlessly.
Authentic designer sunglasses will be made of tougher material and will be sturdier as compared to the fake ones. The fake ones will also not come along with a case that features the designer's name and logo. In addition, it matters from where you purchased your pair of shades from. Designer sunglasses are sold in upscale department stores and posh boutiques. If a street vendor is selling the sunglasses, they are likely to be replicas. Also, many designer brands of sunglasses have the logo of the brand embossed on the sides. If there is none or the name of the brand is misprinted, you should not buy it.
Apart from logos and other things, many of which can be easily tampered with, you should look for the stitching on the shoes. If it is authentic, the stitches will be firm, even and symmetrical, the seam will be straight and the stitches will in the same colour as that of the material.
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Perhaps the safest check for any designer item is to check where it is made. If it is marked ‘Made in China’ you can safely reject it. Chances are that almost all such items are never the real ones.

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