Designer belts, the latest fashion accessories to be found in the wardrobes of women, present one of the best ways to jazz up the simplest of dresses.

Designer Belts

Gone are the days when the only use of belts was for holding up jeans, trousers or skirts. These days, belts are used as one of the best accessories for women, through which they can liven up the dullest of dresses. Be it long dresses, shirts, skirts or even sarees, belts can be worn with each one of them. Keeping the new trend in mind, many designers have come up with belts under their label. For example, designers like Fendi and Roberto Cavalli have taken out their range of the trendiest belts in town. Even the materials used for belts are being experimented with and leather is no longer the only belt material. Let check out some information on the kind of belts being used!
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Casual Belts
Why wait for a special occasion to teem up your clothes with a nice belt? Next time, when you go to college or to the nearby market, accessorize up your tee and jeans with a funky belt. However, don’t overdo the look with a party-type belt. Fat belts, with big and unusual copper or silver buckles, look great with denim and give you that stylish college-goer look.
Formal Belts
Who said the belts worn to office have to be boring and dull! I agree that you cannot wear a jazzy belt to office, but why not experiment with the buckles. Large and interesting buckles are quite in these days. In case you are going for a party just after office, with no time to change, accessories you clothes with a belt in metallic shades like gold or bronze.
Belts on Tunics/ T-Shirts
No, belts are not meant only for trousers and jeans. You can teem up your tunic or even long tee with a smart belt. If you are the one of those who like to wear monochromatic kurtas, the best way to spice up your look is by wearing a sexy belt with it. Please don’t go for leather ones. Belts made up of colorful chords or beads will work the best for you. You can even take a long bead necklace and wrap it across your waist.
Skirt Belts
Skirts and belts share a very old relationship. The belts that work best with skirts are the tie-up ones. However, the exact type of tie-up belt will depend on the kind of skirt you are wearing. In case of plain skirts in black or white, a belt made of semi-precious stones will look very good. Remember to go for heavily done belts only in case of simple skirts. You can also get a fusion look by wearing a western skirt with a traditional belt. 
Dress Belts
Even dresses have come in the ambit of clothes that you can accessorize with belts. Some very good examples of teeming up a dress with a belt are - chest-belt with long dresses, an elaborately done belt with a chiffon or satin dress in an empire line, etc. You can also use thin belts, embedded with heavy diamantes or metal studs, for giving your dress an entirely new and different look.
Saree Belts
Who says that the only accessories that go with sarees are jewelry and bags? Since ages, Indian women have accessorized their sarees with kamarbandhs (waist bands). The band is now taking the shape of a belt. However, you have to be very careful while selecting belts for your sarees. A semi-precious belt, with colors that either match or contrast with the tone of the saree, works the best for accentuating the waistline!

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