Cufflinks are absolutely stylish accessories for men and come in trendy designs. Check out designer diamond cuff links trends for men.

Cufflinks for Men

You thought diamonds are a girl’s best friend? It’s about time that girls realize they are not alone! Chic, urbane men who are super conscious of their persona and strive for an uber-cool look are sporting the bling-bling these days. Gone are those days when diamonds were a talk-of-the-town for just the feminine sex; men, too, have started injecting these pretty little metals into their trousseau to bring out the best in their personality. No, we aren’t talking of diamond rings or watches or even bracelets. What’s hot this season is something that has been around since a long time but is being considered stylish only recently. Diamond-studded cufflinks for men are making a storming entry into the wardrobes of men in India and they can be seen sporting the shiny and chunky pieces of metal on their coats in weddings, parties, concerts and even lounges! Let’s take a look at some latest trends and styles about men’s cufflinks, in the following segment.
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The Variety
Stylish cufflinks are available in many different varieties, shapes and sizes, depending on individual taste and style. You can buy cuff links in expensive metals like gold, silver, platinum, ceramics, etc. You can also go in for cufflinks that are embedded with precious stones like onyx, cat’s eye, mother of pearl, crystals and of course, diamonds, to match any suit or coordinate with your spouse’s outfit. You can also go in for engraved cufflinks that have your initials, part platinum and part gold cufflinks, carved cufflinks that have miniature figures like dragons, Red Indian face, baskets, elephants, etc. Besides, to add more flair to the tuxedos, you have differently shaped and designed cufflinks, based on the hobby or interest that a person is mad about, like airplanes, mini cameras, coins, playing cards, guitars, and so on.
Diamonds are Forever
Cufflinks look classic with diamonds embedded on them. Be it a big single solitaire or many little ones surrounding the center, nothing makes a bolder style statement than a man wearing diamonds on his cufflinks. Introduced way back during the 17th century, cuff links used to be worn exclusively by the upper class. These days, cufflinks find their way into almost every man’s wardrobe as an essential accessory to personalize his outfits. Apart from diamond cufflinks, cufflinks that have other semi-precious gemstones like rubies, emeralds, turquoise, topaz, opal, or sapphires, make great choices for fashionistas. All said and done, choose the one that suits your personality and style and you are set to make heads turn in a crowd.
The Current Trend
While picking up the different essentials to complete a formal suit or tuxedo, accessories constitute a necessary component as is the customary shirt, blazer, trousers, tie, belt, and shoes. While fashion was always about the female, men have now begun to claim their spot as well. The accessories add finishing touches to the formal attire, thus wrapping up the entire package with perfection and finesse. Considering gold, both white gold and yellow gold cufflinks are in high demand. For those looking for a more affordable collection, enameled cufflinks in eye-catching and gorgeous colors take the lead. These days, one can find cufflinks for the to-be groom, matching perfectly with his wedding party – the best man, groomsmen or his close friends. Getting cufflinks customized to suit the tastes and preferences of the wearer has become quite a rage. Plus, they are making a statement not just at formal affairs, but at the workplace as well. Moreover, women have started considering these little nuggets as a love gift, anniversary gift, Valentine’s Day gift, wedding gift, and all sorts of gifts to shower their love for the man of their dreams.
Making a rapid foray into the men’s accessories segment, cufflinks give the right opportunity to add glitz to a man’s attire and take his personality steps ahead.

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