Putting on cufflinks can add to the elegance of any and every male outfit. Read on to explore information on how to put on cufflinks.

How To Put On Cufflinks

Come holiday season and it is the time to attend as well as host parties. You are required to take out the formal clothes and be ready for treating your taste buds and dancing away all through the night. While dressing up for formal parties, women have a lot of options, when compared to men, especially in case of accessories. Amongst the limited jewelry options for men, cufflinks are the most popular. They can add a chic and elegant touch to any male outfit, apart from making it a bit personalized.
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Cufflinks have the ability to transform a simple shirt into an attire that is quite extraordinary and stylish. However, ask men and you would find most of them daunted with task of wearing cuff links. However, did you know that wearing cufflinks is one of the easiest tasks you could lay your hand on! And once you have mastered the art, it would be time to bid adieu to all the button up shirts in your wardrobe. In case you are also one of the patrons of cufflinks, but still not sure as to how to put them on, go through the following lines and get the required information.
How To Wear Cufflinks 
  • First of all, you need to put on a shirt that has French (or Double) cuffs, which are extra long and have no 'buttons and holes' on each side.
  • Now, fold back the cuffs, while ensuring that they form a neat and even line at the end of the sleeves.
  • Pinch the cuffs of your sleeve together, making sure that the holes for the cufflink line up alongside.
  • Finally, insert the cufflink through the two holes and then secure it tightly. Repeat the process with other sleeve.
  • The way you insert the cufflink and secure it will vary slightly, depending upon its style.
  • In case of 'bullet back closure' cufflinks, there will be a torpedo or bullet-shaped capsule, suspended between two posts. Flip the capsule on its axis before sliding in the cufflink and then, flip it horizontally to secure it.
  • In case of 'whale back closure' cufflinks, there will be a straight post, with a flat, solid whale tail. Flip the whale tail flat, before sliding in the cufflink and then, flip it back in place to secure it. 
Choosing The Right Cufflink 
  • In case you are wearing the cuff links for the first time, it would be great to take a cue from what others are wearing.
  • Choose a cuff link with the mood of the occasion. Cuff links range from plain gold, silver and black, which are ideal for funerals, to those made from wood or seashells, apt for parties. Select them carefully for the occasion. For instance, hematite cuff links are great choice for a formal event, while paua shell cuff links suit a more festive occasion and daily wear.
  • You can also wear cufflinks and studs with a shirtfront, with double buttonholes for the studs. In fact, a convertible style to button or wear with studs would also be a good option to explore. Let the mood of the occasion guide your choice of gemstones.
  • Remember, rules are just a set standard, but there are always chances for you to alter and portray your personal expression.

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